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Sponsored: Espoir Basketball, SPENN Club Sign Partnership Deal

by Williams Buningwire
6:27 pm

L-R: Norbert Haguma, Country Manager of SPENN, and Dr. Albert Tuyishime, vice president of Espoirt BBC during the event to sign partnership deal

Espoir, a local basketball club has signed a one-year partnership deal worth Rwf 15million with SPENN, a financial technology firm with operations in Rwanda to promote cashless transactions using the SPENN digital transactions platform.

SPENN is a cost-free mobile banking application that targets to make financial interconnections by uniting bank users with non-users.

With SPENN, transactions can be performed using the platform including sending and receiving money, opening saving accounts, performing global airtime purchases and bill payments.

SPENN also allows businesses to perform bulk payroll via SPENN Business and facilitates online payments via the SPENN e-commerce payment solution which was codenamed SPENN Connect.

According to SPENN, the signed partnership deal is renewable, depending on the set targets of reaching 20,000 clients annually and the fanbase of Espoir basketball club registering for SPENN platforms.

“The partnership will encourage  fans to explore benefits of SPENN platforms while also supporting their team. Each time a fan is registered on SPENN using referral code ‘Espoir’, Rwf500 is contributed to the club. This is also an opportunity for Espoir to show how powerful the Espoir brand is,” Norbert Haguma, Country Manager of SPENN said.

Haguma said that the deal is also a big step for the country’s vision to monetize and support professional sports.

  Available figures for September 2020, indicate that SPENN which entered the Rwandan market in 2018 as part of I&M Rwanda Brand. It has an agency network of over 9,000 agents across the country and 300,000 clients.

 “Our bank values cashless solutions and SPENN is among the best solutions, not only for their customers but for everyone in the market who is looking for convenience,” Norbert Mwanangu, General Manager of Retail banking and digital experience at I&M said.

Mwanangu said that the Bank’s partnership with SPENN will ensure continued offerings of simplified banking solutions and is looking into preparations of business offers for SPENN users.

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