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Kitoko’s Show In the USA Suspended

by Andrew Shyaka
5:22 pm

Kitoko Bibarwa

Rwandan musician based in the UK, Kitoko Bibarwa regrets not being able to thrill his fans as earlier planned.

Bibarwa had organized a show through The Mane records boss Badarama and it was slated to take place on 30th  May in the USA and everything was ready to an extent that some of the tickets were already bought by Rwandan music fans.

Speaking to KT Press, Kitoko revealed that he was unable to travel to the USA following the ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions in his host country.

 “I had plans to kill two birds with one stone. I wanted to attend my fellow musician Meddy’s wedding, get connected to the Rwandan community in the US and throw a show for my fans but all disappeared in thin air,” says Kitoko.

The Urubuto hit maker also revealed that he is ready to return home once travel restrictions will be alleviated.

Kitoko relocated to the UK back in 2012 for studies and ever since, he has been producing both audios and videos to keep his fans hooked.

However, the singer last year admitted relenting musically while focusing on several other projects. He promised to revive the carrier when he gets back home because he already owns a studio.

Kitoko’s music has been rocking local airwaves for more than 11 years and he is known in the music industry as a hardworking musician.

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