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Turkey Sends Relief Support to the Muslim Community 

by KT Press Reporter
7:16 pm

H.E. Burcu Cevik(3rd right) Turkish Ambassador to Rwanda at the event to deliver food to vulnerable families

Turkey through Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has supported 1000 disadvantaged families in cooperation with Rwanda Muslim Community while providing Ramadan food packages and Covid-19 relief packages worth $ 30.000. 

TIKA organized this year’s Ramadan program in different countries including Rwanda. The relief package consists of food staff and hygienic material. 

In this context, on 4 May Ambassador of Turkey, H.E. Burcu Cevik delivered packages for 800 families to Sheik Salim Hitimana, Mufti of Rwanda for distribution in Kamonyi sector, Musambira district. 

“Ramadan is the month of sharing. Fight against Covid pandemic is an ongoing struggle and we need more solidarity than ever in this process. During these difficult times, Turkey remains in solidarity with the people of Rwanda and taking the opportunity of Ramadan wanted to reach out to disadvantaged families,” the Ambassador said.

“There is a strong culture of sharing in Anatolia. This becomes more prominent during the month of Ramadan. The main theme of Ramadan programs of TIKA this year is “Erenler Sofrası” (Saints Table) taking its inspiration from Anatolian saints and dervishes. Yunus Emre, Ahi Evran, Haci Bektas-i Veli all emphasize peace, fraternity and culture of sharing in their messages. Our tables, doors and hearts are open to everyone. Yunus Emre says we are complete by sharing. We are happy that this year we are sharing with the people of Rwanda as well.” 

H.E. Burcu Cevik(L), Turkish Ambassador to Rwanda

 Sheik Hitimana thanked Turkey for the donation and expressed his hope to continue this cooperation in different areas.  

Meanwhile on 5 May, the Embassy also delivered relief packages to 200 families in Musambira Sector of Kamonyi District in the presence of H.E. Ambassador Cevik, Mayor of Kamonyi Distrcit and Executive Secretary of Musambira Sector.

Earlier in April, a Turkish NGO “Tut Elimi” delivered a grant of $ 23.000 Covid-19 assistance to Rwanda Biomedical Center consisting of 100,000 surgical masks, 5000 N95 masks, 4000 protective gowns and 1,500 Covid test kits. Another Turkish NGO “Hasene” also delivered Ramadan aid of 40,000 Euros consisting of food and clothing relief to Rwanda Muslim Community in order to support 1400 families. 

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