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Bank of Kigali Launches a New Internet Banking Platform, Changes Face of Digital Banking 

by Daniel Sabiiti
8:47 am

Bank of Kigali Plc (BK) has launched a new and upgraded Internet Banking platform that provides additional features and advantages to its clients.

BK says that the upgraded Internet Banking platform which is also built entirely in-house at Bank of Kigali will focus on overcoming the gaps identified in their current Internet Banking solutions and also the ones identified in the market.

KTPress reporter conducted an interview with BK Chief Digital Officer, Obinna J. Ukwuani to find out what the platform will bring to the competitive cutting edge service that has become more than important during COVID-19.

Sabiiti: Please explain the difference and changes in the new and old BK Internet Banking platform. 

Ukwuani: It’s first of all important to look at the background. In 2019, the bank wanted to upgrade its digital experience to make it more competitive vis a vis what other banks offer and at the same time add more services that would improve the experience of our Bank of Kigali customers.

So we decided to upgrade our Internet Banking by building it ourselves. The platform now offers a fine experience to anyone banking with us, both our retail and corporate customers.

In terms of difference, our upgraded Internet Banking platform has an intuitively designed interface that provides a better customer experience, the ability to perform new transactions like buying foreign currency and processing bulk payments, it provides enhanced security features such as the talking based one-time password (TOTP) and our corporate customers have the ability to execute flexible and complex mandates. In the near future, customers will be able to make international funds transfers. 

In addition to this, customers can continue to process transactions like bill/utility payments, funds and wallet transfers, bank statements and much more.

BK Chief Digital Officer, Obinna J. Ukwuani

Having an in-house built platform comes with its advantages such as the possibility of adding more features on demand and timely fixing any customer complaints.

Sabiiti: Are you giving us a promise that this platform will be able to resolve some customer issues?

Ukwuani: Yes. Here is the promise. At Bank of Kigali, we are committed to continuously work towards improving the standards of our customer experience, thus the introduction of this upgraded Internet Banking that we believe will provide superior banking experience to our customers. A dedicated team of staff is also available to work around the clock to solve complaints registered on our platforms.

Sabiiti:  How can customers get onboarded into the new platform?

Ukwuani: Our existing and new Internet Banking users are required to visit their nearest Bank of Kigali branch or call our 24/7 Call Center for support to get on-boarded. In addition to that, corporate customers can also reach out to their existing Relationship Managers for support. We expect to launch digital channel onboarding during the course of the year.

Sabiiti: Is there any deadline for customers’ migration into the new platform? 

Ukwuani: We call upon all our existing Internet Banking users to get on-boarded before July 31st, 2021. Our dedicated teams in branches and Call Center are available to facilitate a swift on-boarding process.

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