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Bank of Kigali Brings Series of Golfing Tournaments to Corporate Clients

by Daniel Sabiiti
6:51 pm

The Bank of Kigali (BK) has inaugurated the BK Golf Tournament attracting a big number of local golfers in one of the four golfing series planned for this year.

The inaugural eclectic mode 18-holes tourney, which kicked off at the Kigali Golf Course this Saturday,  February 17th 2024, was organized in partnership with Kigali Golf Club (KGC) attracting 160 golfers.

The tournament brought together professional and amateur golfers from the corporate sector in the women and men’s categories plus the guest/ Customer category under the slogan “Bank on blue, score on the green”.

The tournament witnessed several category-winners walk away with lucrative awards.

Dr. Diane Karusisi, the CEO of BK said that the tournament is the first of its kind but it has been a successful one and a precedence for the bank to determine its engagement into the sport.

Karusisi, a fan of golf, said that after experiencing the amazing tournament participation, she has been convinced, and will be joining the game soon.

Dr. Diane Karusisi, the CEO of BK said she is ready to join other golfers

“We have big plans and as you heard, we have four tournaments this year and something special is awaiting you at the end of this year. What we want is to award people with BK shares because we want you to own a slice of BK,” Karusisi said.

Karusisi explained that with the players being BK shareholders, the bank will be making money for them, and as they hit the green course together they will get updates on how much has been made.

“We look forward to working with you, joining the community (of golfers), enjoying with you together and continuing to build this game of golf to become one of the best on the continent and even beyond,” Karusisi stated.

The Bank of Kigali (BK) team

During the cocktail event, best players of the day were awarded as follows:In the category of worst players of the day (The Piga Mingi), Christine Uwingabe (ladies) and Dieudonne Nzafashwanayo (men) were the winners.

In the handicap 0-18 (ladies) , Han Jing Keza, a Chinese business women emerged as the winner, followed by Matutina Irumva and Linda Mugeni. The second and third previously emerged as winners in the inaugural VisitRwanda Golf Challenge held in December 2023.

In the handicap 19-28 category (ladies ), Eve Tusabe Muvunyi emerged winner, followed by MP Gloriose Uwanyirigira and Teta Mpyisi.

Guests served during the cocktail event,

In the Senior’s (men’s) category, Joseph Ntambara emerged winner, followed by Biru Rai and Young Joo.

In the men’s category by handicaps (19-28), a popular banker Maurice Toroitich (former chairman of the Rwanda Banker’s Association) emerged as overall winner after spending months off the golf course, followed by Jean d’Amour Semucyo and Thangappa Appathural.

Benjamin Mukisa (left) is one of Rwanda’s pro golfers

Under the 10-18 handicap category, Stewart Wolverton emerged winner followed by Robert Kayitani and Andrew Kulayige, the club captain.

Under the 0-9 handicap category, professional top flight player and winner of several previous tournaments, Benjamin Mukisa emerged winner, followed by Clement Uwajeneza- a tech expert and Jack Kayonga- a seasoned banker.

As a way of appreciating its clients and encouraging more new players from the corporate sector, the BK Tournament also awarded by best guest/ customer players.

In this category, Simon Matsiku emerged winner, followed by Celeste Muvunyi and Roger Bayingana.

Han Jing Keza (left)

Some of the winners said that they were excited to participate in the inaugural BK tournament which gave them an opportunity showcase their talent despite being off the course for many reasons.

“I like BK bank and it has been a good comeback to win this tournament after spending months undergoing a back surgery,” said Han Jing Keza, who is a BK client and stated that after the game, she is willing to negotiate a new business deal with BK.

Banking consultant and former chairman of the Rwanda Banker’s Association, Toritich said that the example set by BK in organizing such golf tournaments should be emulated by other corporate companies especially banks as it promotes their brands and engages potential clients.

So far, BK and BPR Rwanda are among the few banks that have sponsored golfing events in the country. Others in the corporate sector are Cimerwa and MTN Rwanda.

Marcel Byusa, the Kigali Golf Club Chairman said that the numbers of golf players have increased in the past years from 200 to over 700 players which signifies growth in the golf game in Rwanda- which currently attracts persons of all ages and classes.

BK’s Head of Marketing, Audrey Kazera said that the bank plans to organise three more tournaments this year (in May, July and September) which will be aimed at enabling the bank to go beyond banking towards engaging its clients through entertainment and sports activities.

As a way of grooming young talents into the golf game, BK and the KGC officials recognized 11-year old golf player, Roshni Shah, at student at Green Hills Academy who managed to be persistent, playing along with her parents during the tournament.

KGC Captain, Andrew Kulayige said that they have big plans to promote young talents in the golfing game.

11-year old golf player, Roshni Shah (3rd left), a student at Green Hills Academy was recognized by BK CEO Karusisi (in white) alongside her parents for persistent love of golf.



BK branding at the new KGC Golf Course

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