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Taking COVID-19 Vaccine, Not Lack of Trust In God, But Love to His People – Ap. Mignonne Kabera

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:29 pm

All Gospel Today, a forum of renowned church leaders and gospel singers in Rwanda has joined Sindohoka, a national trending campaign to fight against more spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign which was launched on August 11 cuts across communication platforms ranging from mainstream media to social media platforms and includes short messages, talk shows, spots, and songs.

“My taking COVID-19 vaccine is not lack of trust in God; it is rather a symbol of love and protection to those that God entrusted us to lead,” wrote Apostle Mignonne Kabera, the leader of Women Foundation Ministries and Noble Family church.

Messages in this campaign are solely focused on the need to prevent more spread of COVID-19 like Sindohoka(I don’t loosen), Kambare neza(wear it[facemask] properly), keep physical distance, wash your hands very often, push on the fight we shall overcome, COVID-19 kills and many more.

“Brethren, let’s pray to each other and protect each other,” wrote Aimee Uwimana, a gospel singer.

Alain Numa

Reverand Alain Numa, representative of All Gospel Today told our reporter that their campaign will have a great impact on behavior change, especially among christians.

“We sat together and realised that members of All Gospel Today who include pastors and gospel singers can speak and be heard by many if the disseminated a straightforwad message at a time when people are loosening in preventing spread of COVID-19,” Numa said.


He further said that Christians should play a great responsibility in preventing spread of COVID-19 as they partner with their leaders in other public activities of public interest.

All Gospel Today was found in 2013. Its members include people who have something to do with Gospel. Pastors, gospel singers, leaders of ministries find their place in this forum.

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