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Intore Tuyisenge Opens Up A New Studio

by Andrew Shyaka
1:10 pm

Tuyisenge leads the way to entertain guests during a public event


Singer Intore Tuyisenge’s music dream comes true after opening his audio and visual recording studio dubbed Vision Music Mix records. 

The singer who is famous for penning down songs like Tora Kagame and Intore izirusha Intambwe revealed that, the studio will make his work easier as well as helping upcoming artists to record music on a low price.

“It was my dream to own a recording studio. I am glad that I made it. It will smoothen my work as a busy artist and again help young artists struggling with studio fee,” says Intore. 

The studio is situated in Kagugu cell of Kinyinya sector, Gasabo district and it will produce both audio and visuals which enables musicians to cut down recording costs since the studio can do a complete project at once.

Intore revealed that, he is already busy recording songs for 416 sectors, songs mainly talking about government programs, health and service delivery campaigns of each sector.

The singer came onto music scene in 2007, with hits Intore Izirusha Intambweand Tora Paul Kagame, Karongi, Burera and manymore.

Tuyisenge also heads artists federation and is one of those few musicians known for writing songs promoting unity and reconciliation in Rwanda.


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