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Rwandan Elders Coming For David Himbara

by Ignatius R. Kabagambe
12:28 am

Himbara(R) and his sponsor Rujugiro

‘Addiction’ is defined by Oxford Languages as “the fact or condition of being addicted (dependent on) to a particular substance or activity.” The same source defines the word ‘addicted’ as the condition of being “physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance.”

This is a memo on Himbara David, son of Byabagamba, a man greatly familiar with addictions. It is to introduce to the public a series of information packs about Himbara the person, this being the first one. Rwandans have been wondering aloud, asking questions with the intention of knowing more about his personality. They have expressed the wish to understand what exactly feeds his negative passion against the person of the President. The Rwandan president who twice gave him stellar jobs and twice the addict threw the jewels back to the giver.

A story is told of Himbara by people still working in the Office of the President. That having failed to consistently live straight under the strict eye of a most decent leader, he cut his losses short and literally run, initially in 2002, and later in 2010. He had chosen the easy path. To go and retire doing what he enjoyed best as a youth and during middle age – lying creatively for a living, under the influence. People know the false feel good factor drugs are capable of creating in someone. We have heard tales of how one can crave for endless light moments and shun hard stuff. That kind of effect is exactly what drugs were having on Himbara. Soon the seriousness in Urugwiro and the demands by one of the busiest presidents in the world became too much for him to bear.

Unreasonable anger, recklessness, shamelessness

That said, Himbara really loved the status that came with the job. But it is never all roses with President Kagame at work. While the allure of being associated with the prestigious office strongly appealed to Himbara’s ego, the down side to it was the tremendous dynamism of the whole system. In the end he failed to balance the act and threw in the towel. He gave up, but not on drugs, reason one thing remains constant in his life – addiction.

He is currently addicted to smearing President Kagame and the government of Rwanda. And he depends on that, odd as it may sound. Drugs take away a lot of positive things from a human body and soul. Certain other things can be derived in return though. Among them: unreasonable anger, recklessness and shamelessness. These three attributes Himbara has in abundance. Those who follow his writings closely will have noticed that at the moment he is obsessed with pulling things down to destruction using poisonous lies. The Christian faithful know this must be from the devil, no doubt. They argue that since President Kagame, the very person ordained by God – ROMANS 13:1 – to lead Rwandans in the cause of building their nation has become his primary target, Himbara is serving a demonic purpose – JOHN 10:10. Only God knows how right or wrong their reasoning is.

It is what addiction can do to a person. For his case, Himbara dares to destroy a beautiful temple he took part in constructing. Before and after Rwanda, he is without accolades. Yet he tells blatant lies about this country in broad daylight to tarnish the image of a government that employed and paid him handsomely for seven years. He takes money from avowed enemies of his motherland. Reliable sources have it on indelible record that he is bankrolled by the government of Uganda first, and renegade Rwandan Tycoon Tribert Rujugiro, second. The two have for some time now been intimately ensconced in an unholy marriage entered into purposely to inconvenience Rwanda! This is the only job he does. He also knows it is the only one available, after he like a demon-possessed pig, trampled on the President’s Office jobs.

The sacred cow, Rwanda’s image, jealously protected

And as he goes about his daily work of throwing dirt to Rwanda with intent to render it unclean, rwata he expects citizens to simply look on and do nothing. He forgets that what he is attempting is evil. To want to corruptly stain a nation’s reputation, the sacred cow which feeds our children is suicidal. And so people are rallying to fight back for the land and its worthy leader, as they no longer see a difference between him and those who committed the genocide.

Himbara has now succeeded at raising the stakes higher. He has aroused the interest of elders. They are going to take him on in real-time while they live instead of haunting him later. It spells bad news for him. There are people who went to primary school with him in Nyakivala and those who know him in Nshungerezi. They are telling it all about the true Murunganwa. They know him at Ndege secondary school in Uganda. They tell of the amount of time, quite less, that he spent at school, and the more time he spent in the City of Kampala, as the cause of his 5Fs and 1C in O’Level.

And thereafter, after failing, in Kampala what he did they know. These people know him in Canada very well, with long but a bit unhygienic hair, occupied by tiny wingless parasitic insects. They know his absolute indifference to the RPF cause during its formative phase. They know him in Nairobi, with weird behavior in a decent home of a family friend who had kindly hosted him when he arrived from Toronto in need.  These people are no longer holding back. The public will see their names and pictures. Himbara knows them all. They are all over the place, and soon will be all over him. Watch this space.

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