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FLN-Rusesabagina Case: Who Is Who Among Civil Parties In Appeal?

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:20 pm

Alice Kayitesi

The Appeals Court today fixed time to start hearing civil parties who appealed against the compensation handed to victims of the FLN terror attacks by High Court in September last year.

The court received 44 appeals and here are some of them.

Jean Marie Vianney Havugimana got a compensation of Rwf600,000 over a motorbike that was burnt down but he had also sought Rwf360,000 for a motorbike lost during the attack.

He also sought 120,000 for recovering identities that were burnt in the attacks, for clearing a civil case in which the owner of the motorbike had sued him, and Rwf500, 000 for general damage compensation- all this totaling to Rwf1.5million.

Venuste Bapfakurera sought increase of Rwf600, 000 compensation granted earlier for a damaged motorbike yet he showed evidence on the extent of damage and impact to his and others welfare thus seeking Rwf5.04million.

Dominic Rugerinyanjye and wife Dative who got Rwf5million each for losing a child in the attack seek Rwf17million for the additional damages caused on top of losing a child.

JMV Habyarimana, who got Rwf300, 000 for being used forcefully an FLN aide but in the process he also lost personal property.

In this case he sought Rwf1.6million for the damages and lost property and food stocks.

Marie Chantal Ingabire had last year sought Rwf30million for losing her husband, plus Rwf120 million for compensation and taking care of the orphaned children who were cared for by her spouse but High court offered Rwf10 million and didn’t find evidence to the other claims.

Damascene Sumbusho, Rwf654, 000 but court accorded him Rwf300, 000 minus compensation for property he claims was stolen.

Anastase Nsabimana asked for over Rwf1.2M but caught awarded him some compensation leaving some in his claims Rwf1.3 million.

Venuste Siborurema asked for Rwf1.5 million for general compensation and stolen property but court awarded him only Rwf300,000 for being abducted.

David Ngendahimana sought Rwf528, 000 for being abducted and loss of property but court handed him Rwf300, 000 for abduction only.

Ladislas Harerimana and his four children who sought over Rwf33.6 million for the death, burial arrangements and compensation for their lost mother but court didn’t consider some of the compensation requests.

Phenius Karegesa sought Rwf63 million for losing a child (Isaac Niwenshuti) and cost for burial arrangements but court handed him only Rwf5.5 million with considering burial expenses.

Eliane Nyirayumve who requested Rwf23.5 for compensation over losing her husband and need to take care of orphaned children but court gave her Rwf10.5 million.

Desire Ngirababyeyi sought Rwf137.6 million for his disabilities caused by FLN attacks and compensation but court accorded him Rwf2.5 million yet he remains permanently disabled.

Zealot Harerimana Rwf139.4 million for treatment, compensation and court case costs but the ruling didn’t consider other pains and losses when it award him Rwf2.5 million.

Azzel Nyirantegereje asked for Rwf5.5 million in compensation but she given Rwf2 million which she said, is not equivalent to the pain she went through thus the decision resulted to being traumatized.

Alice Kayitesi sought Rwf51.5 million for her property lost; losing her beauty and costs for treatment for her body injuries and trauma but court awarded her Rwf2 million contrary to what she asked.

Ariane Nyirandibwami sought Rwf20 million but court gave her Rwf5 million which which she said, is not equivalent to her pain and loss of a child in the attacks.

Francoise Uwambaje sought for a total of Rwf100 million but was given Rwf10 million. Her husband was killed by FLN attackers.

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