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IHS Rwanda Supports Students Through Imbuto Foundation’s Programme

by KT Press Reporter
4:33 pm

Sandrine Umutoni, Imbuto Foundation Director General exchanging documents with Ayokunle Iluyemi Managing Director of IHS

IHS   Rwanda   and   the   Imbuto   Foundation   have signed   a   Memorandum   of   Understanding   (MoU),    to   renew   IHS   Rwanda’s commitment   to   the   ‘Edified   Generation’   scholarship   programme.

Under   this programme,  IHS  Rwanda  is  providing  financial  scholarships  for  150  students through the 2021-2022 academic year.

The  ‘Edified  Generation’  scholarship  programme  was  launched  by  the  Imbuto Foundation  in  2002  to  financially  support  academically  talented  students  from lower   income   backgrounds.

The   programme   currently   supports   almost   700 secondary school students from 102 schools across the country.

“Thank you to IHS for the partnership over the years to support the education of our young and talented Rwandans,” said Sandrine Umutoni, Imbuto Foundation Director General.

“As the Imbuto Foundation, celebrated last November 20 years of engaging, educating, and empowering communities, we greatly appreciate partners like you, who believe in our mission, and give us the reassurance that the private sector can also play a major role, to join the efforts of the government and the civil society, in fostering productive and engaged citizens.”

Sandrine Umutoni, Imbuto Foundation Director General

IHS  Rwanda,  is  a  subsidiary  of  IHS  Towers,  a  leading  owner  and  operator  of shared    telecommunications    infrastructure    which    seeks    to    help    promote economic  growth  and  social  development,  and  a  connected  Africa.  Since  2015, IHS has provided 600 annual scholarships under this partnership.

Since 2002, the Edified Generation scholarship programme has provided a total of  10,241  annual  scholarships  to  secondary  students,  thanks  to  the  generosity of various sponsors, including individuals, associations and companies.

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