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I’m Extremely Lucky to Have Own Statue in London – Rwanda’s Sherrie Silver

by Nouriath Agasaro
1:10 pm

 British – Rwandan choreographer Cherrie Silver has expressed her feelings after her statue was erected in London this week.

“London has more statues of animals than women and now I have my own statue in London !!! My pose is a Rwandan traditional dance stance because I am proud to be African and want to represent the continent whenever I can,” Cherrie said.

The young choreographer thanked the company behind this piece of art and said: “Thank you @adidaslondon for making this happen for a black ,African girl that worked so hard .”

This statue is one of nine 3D printed statues that Adidas London launched on February 17 to advocate gender equality in sport.

Adidas remarked on their social media site that “In London, there are more statues of animals and males than women. That’s not the support women deserve in 2022.”

Sherrie Silver, a Huye District native who now resides in the United Kingdom, is a model, actress, and professional dancer who choregraphed  Hiro Murai’s “This is America.”

Silver started her career while shooting dance videos on her phone and uploading them to YouTube before she gained the attention of millions.

She has used her platform to develop a sustainable dancing career for herself while also giving chances for her community, despite growing up without access to the financial means needed to get her vision off the ground.

Silver travels the world to educate people about African dance. She appears at festivals on a regular basis, collaborates with cultural institutions, and hosts small group sessions.

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