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One Child Dead, Three Hospitalised After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms

by Williams Buningwire
4:05 pm

One Child has died, three hospitalized after eating poisonous mushrooms in Rwamagana district, Eastern province.

The tragedy occurred in Munyaga sector on February 10 when the four  went to collect firewood and returned home with the mushrooms which they thought they were edible. They roasted and ate them.

“Immediately after eating them, they fell severely ill and were taken to the nearby health centre. Unfortunately one died right away. The children hail from different families,” the eyewitness told our Kinyarwanda reporter.

Chantal Mukashyaka, Munyaga Sector Executive Secretary also confirmed the tragedy, saying that other children are still admitted.

 “It is true four children ate suspected death cap mushrooms, one died immediately, others are still hospitalized,” Mukashyaka said.

According British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, mushrooms are in various types and most of them are poisonous.

“They can cause serious poisoning when picked by individuals for food, or when accidentally ingested by children and pets,” reads part of the information on the Centre’s website.

The toxic mushrooms may grow in public areas including school yards, parks, recreational sites, urban streets, outdoor shared space areas, as well as private property.

“They contain toxins that damage liver and kidney. After ingestion, within eight to 12 hours, symptoms of cramping, abdominal pain, vomiting and watery diarrhea occur. Severe diarrhea may lead to dehydration.”

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