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Rwanda Takes Deterrent Measures after Yellow Fever Outbreak In the Region

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:41 pm

Rwanda, a yellow fever free country has reviewed the disease’s preventive measures following report of outbreak in several countries.

According to a communiqué from Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, recently, a small yellow fever outbreak was declared in Kenya.

“Following WHO protocols that aim to prevent the spread, it was necessary to remind travellers to be vaccinated and be ready to show their vaccination status. However, Rwanda remains a yellow fever-free country,” the communiqué reads in part.

The Ministry indicated that travelers, be it residents or non-residents coming to Rwanda from yellow fever non endemic countries will not be required to present a yellow fever vaccination card.

However, travelers coming to Rwanda from yellow fever endemic countries or countries with active Yellow Fever transmission outbreak must present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate upon arrival.

All residents travelling to Yellow Fever endemic countries should be vaccinated ten days prior to travelling.

The ten days, according to the communiqué intends to give enough time to the traveler to gather strong immunity.

The communiqué makes it clear that according to new changes, yellow fever vaccine is taken once, and there is no need for a booster. A person who has a yellow card with limited validity can go to RBC’s office in Gikondo MAGERWA. No new vaccination is required.

Yellow fever vaccination services can be obtained at RBC’s office in Gikondo MAGERWA from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 5 pm.

The cost of the vaccine is RwF 15,000, and an agent of Irembo present on-site can facilitate to process of payment.

Rwanda published a list of 40 countries with risk of yellow fever trans-mission and countries requiring yellow fever vaccination.

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