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North American Rwandan Convention Resumes Business

by Roger Karemera
11:33 am

The North American Rwandan Convention gathering

After a hiatus that was imposed by COVID-19 challenges in the last two years, the North American Rwandan Convention (NARC) has resumed business of showing available investment opportunities in Rwanda to serve the community in North America.

The mission of NARC is to serve as a roundtable for developing organizational bases and cross-cultural integration for social and business opportunities.

Through its planned activities, NARC’s vision is to create a strategic platform for social and business network connections, build sustainable partnerships and open doors for exchange and innovative ideas.

During their winter meeting this week, NARC discussed and expanded their organization’s structural and operational framework.

The board looked at the successes of the last convention that took place in Dallas, TX in the summer of 2019 and realized the opportunities that still exist for their sole and unique role to be the bridge and vehicle to connect Rwanda and the United States of America.

Through NARC’s redefined objectives, goals and activities, Rwandan community members living in the United States, their American friends and partners will be encouraged and facilitated to take advantage of the many mutually beneficial opportunities offered by Rwanda.

NARC will play a huge role in bringing interested partners to Rwanda and thereby providing investors the opportunity to invest in the many emerging and profitable sectors in Rwanda.

The core strengths of NARC were demonstrated in 2019 when they brought together many investors and policy makers to Dallas, Texas. In that event they showcased the opportunities provided by Rwanda and reiterated the safety and ease of access to the country of Rwanda, be it travel or the process to get businesses registered, and operated in partnership with existing organizations.

NARC is committed to creating a motivated network of entrepreneurs and professionals willing to use their talents, time, and resources to support Rwanda’s development.

Furthermore, NARC strives to forge new and strengthen existing strategic partnerships between the diaspora members and friends of Rwanda for this purpose.

NARC’s objectives will be accomplished through events including an annual business and professional networking event, organized group tours to Rwanda for Rwandans and potential investors, and a US-based Rwandan cultural immersion event. These three events will span the course of a full year.

The next NARC’s event will be a business and professional Networking to take place in September 2022 in a yet to be determined location. Please stay tuned for more details…

For more information on NARC, you can always visit our website

www.usrwandaconvention.com, www.facebook.com/usrwandaconvention.


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