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Launch of Orbit Reader 20 Tech: A Relief for Visual Impaired Students in Rwanda

by Williams Buningwire
12:30 pm

Students with Orbit reader 20 devices during the launch

Rwanda has launched a technology that will enable students with visual impairment to have access to digital and inclusive education.

The technology codenamed as “Orbit reader 20” helps students to take notes using the orbit reader device. It was launched in Kigali, April 4.

The Orbit reader 20 is a portable device with twenty-eight-dot braille cells. It offers reading books via Secure Digital Memory Card (SD card), simple note-taking, Bluetooth and USB connectivity to phones and computers or iPad.

According to the Ministry of Education, this device works like a book reader, whereby a teacher can prepare his/her curriculum, and remedial work in other devices including computer, an iPad and a phone, and then transfer the data on the Orbit reader for students to access them.

“It is a good technology because it simplifies work. You can write, read and delete at your convenience. The device has a storage capacity and content can be retrieved,” Joseph Hategekimana, a visually impaired student said.

 The Orbit reader 20 technology was launched in 75 schools with visually impaired students, but will be extended to all schools across the country, according to Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB).

“For a teacher to student interaction, doing homework or marking the examination and exercise work, the Orbit reader is the solution. It is  convenient for both the teacher and student,” Nelson Mbarushimana, Director-General of REB said.

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