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BK Arena Prepaid Card To Increase Youth Financial Inclusion, Entertainment

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:20 pm

Bank of Kigali headquarters

The Bank of Kigali (BK) has unveiled a new flagship product that would enable the youth to not only have access to digital payments without owning any bank account but also enjoy discounts at Kigali’s and Rwanda’s largest entertainment facility- the BK Arena.
BK Arena Prepaid Card is part of the Bank’s grand strategy of aggressively reaching the youth following the Bank of Kigali recent partnership move with QA Venue Solutions to manage the venue and use it as a platform for marketing various BK products, mostly those needed by youth while enjoying their time.
This partnership, signed in May 2022, has seen the iconic Kigali Arena change its name to BK Arena.
Benefits of the BK Arena Prepaid Card:
The card, launched recently, comes at a time when the BK Arena has become one of the preferred entertainment spots in the city. For instance the stadium has hosted Basketball Africa League (BAL) games two years in a row, and several international and continental entertainment stars performing at the arena.
The biggest numbers of persons who have been seen flocking to enter the arena are youth, most of them having to book or pay their entrance tickets with a struggle among many applicants on the queues.
Owning a new BK Arena Prepaid Card, entrance to the arena will be easy and full of benefits.
For instance, the prepaid card will enable holders to have special benefits discounts on tickets, foods and beverages on entrance and inside BK Arena.
They will also participate in raffle draws and benefit from periodic promos among others.
Anyone who owns the card can easily load money onto a prepaid wallet and can be used like any other bank card.
A 2021 financial inclusion report revealed that overall financial inclusion among the youth increased slightly from 86% in 2016 to 88% in 2020 meaning that only 12 percent of the youth are financially excluded.
Among others, the BK Arena Prepaid Card has numerous features and benefits. For instance, it does not require one to have a bank account and identifies customers using their national ID or Passport.
It is issued instantly at any BK-Branch or at the BK-Arena and can be loaded free of charges at any BK-branch, on IB, or through mobile money wallet.
With the card, Payments on POS and online are, Free PIN selection and PIN change are free.
It serves different purposes where the holder can use the card on a tap & go POS and other devices accepting card payments.
A holder can access free instant SMS and email notification for every transaction
Key Information to Know:
The card, which costs Rwf5,000; will be loaded in Rwandan Francs but the customer has options to make payments for any currency both domestically and internationally.
The BK Arena Prepaid Card can be loaded through Internet Banking, BK branches, MTN Wallet. In the near future, the lender also seeks to enable customers to load the card using BK-agents, BKApp (Mobile Banking) as well as USSD/ mobiserve.
It is available at any BK Branch and BK Arena. The card which is valid for thirty-six (36) months or 3 years is given to an adult customer having a valid National ID or Passport.
Apart from being safer than cash (chip and PIN and OTP for online transaction), the BK Arena Prepaid Card helps customers to get better management of their funds and control spending.
The card is acceptable worldwide on ATM, POS and online, provides access to over 3,000 POS merchants in Rwanda, access to over 200 ATMs in Rwanda and high limits at the ATM, POS and online.
New Good News:
Building on results of the new prepaid card product, and increasing use of digital and mobile payments, BK has unveiled three new channels users can use to load money on the BK Arena Prepaid Card- adding to existing one launched on August 12.
The new channels include: Mobiserve, BK App or BK Yacu Agent.
User Guiding Tips:
How to load money on BK Arena Prepaid Card by using Mobiserve;
Step 1: Dial *334#
Step 2: Enter your pin (BK Mobiserve Pin)
Step 3: Select 6
Step 3: Select 2
Step 4: Enter card number (16 digits)
Step 5: Enter amount
Step 6: Enter pin (BK Mobiserve Pin) and complete transaction.
How to load Using BK App;
Step 1: Log in to your BK App
Step 2: Click on Airtime/Utility bill
Step 3: Click on prepaid card payment icon
Step 4: Enter card number (16 digits) and wait to confirm name on card when you select amount
Step 5: Enter amount
Step 6: Enter pin (BK App Pin) and complete transaction.
Using Internet Banking:
Step 1: Click on bill payment
Step 2: Under bill payment, click on Card Services
Step 3: Select card credit card or pre-paid
Step 4: Click ‘Continue’
Step 5: Customer enter full card number (16 digits) and validates
Step 6: Select account to pay from
Step 7: Enter amount and initiate payment
Step 8: Confirm payment
Step 9: Enter OTP and make final payment.
Step 1: *182*4*2*3*Card Number (16 digits)*Amount#
Step 2: Enter your Pin and Send.
Using by BK Yacu Agent:
Simply go to any BK Yacu Agent, present your BK Arena Prepaid Card and the amount, and the agent will load it to your card instantly. You will receive an SMS notification on your phone confirming that the funds are loaded on your card.

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