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Featured: Latest Winners In Inzozi Lotto Tell a Story of ‘Miracles’

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:30 pm

 Last week, Eric Iyamuremye, a young boy in his early 20s from Musya in Ngoma district, Eastern province was lost in thought about his future as a farmer with quite meager earnings.

He recalled that the maximum he ever earned with cabbage growing was barely Rwf 15,000 per season which, to him, was not good return on investment.

He thought about several attempts he made while trying to play in Inzozi Lotto, a national lottery without success.

But he said to himself: “Come rain or shine, I will still play.”

He bought three more tickets and in the evening of August 3, a good Wednesday, he received a beautiful call from Inzozi Lotto.

“I was collecting forage for family’s livestock when a senior staff from Inzozi Lotto called me and said I won Rwf 600,000 plus. This was unbelievable for a person who had never seen such an amount, leave alone owning it,” Iyamuremye told KT Press.

“I jumped for joy and almost abandoned what I was doing but I calmed down until I finished collecting forage. I went home to announce the good news and everyone was happy and congratulated me.”

Iyamuremye was given an appointment to come to Kigali to complete bank details and other procedures for his award/money to be deposited on his account.

“Drinking binge is not an option I am considering; I will buy cows and start rearing. I hope it will pay off,” said Iyamuremye adding that he won’t miss a single week without playing in Inzozi Lotto.

Also winning was Jean Bosco Nizeyimana, a casual labourer in Kagarama, Kicukiro district.

Hailing from Gicumbi district, the young man from a family of nine who dropped out from Primary 5 came in Kigali in 2015, but life was hard to an extent he returned the following year.

He returned as a casual laborer in 2018 where he saves barely Rwf 10,000 per month.

Three months ago, he learnt about Inzozi Lotto from Radio and registered, then started playing until August 5 when Igitego Lotto ushered him into a joyful weekend.

“I was waiting for a job, ku ndege seeking someone who could possibly give me a job. By 10AM I thought it wouldn’t work. I took the little money that I had and bet it on the new product- igitego lotto and chilled,” said Nizeyimana.

“Guess what! In evening I was informed that I won Rwf more than 900,000. My wife returned from the market to find me really excited.”

For several years, Nizeyimana had failed to figure out how he would own a house from the plot he was given by grandpa in his Gicumbi district.

“Igitego Lotto has made it for me,” he said.

Huge package with Igitego Lotto

Beginning Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, Inzozi Lotto introduced an additional daily drawing game “IGITEGO LOTTO” that is drawn every day at 5:00 p.m.

This joined the Jackpot lotto which is a weekly drawing game held on Sundays. The new game will offer Inzozi Lotto players an opportunity to win big every day.

“We expect the new game to engage more players, offer an opportunity to change the financial lives of many but also accelerate revenue generation for our sport projects, by adding a fourth game to Inzozi Lotto it will help players win even bigger when playing the lottery,” said Thierry Nshuti, Deputy Managing Director of Inzozi Lotto.

“It will also help generate faster-growing winnings amount on a daily and weekly basis.”

With Igitego Lotto every day at 5:00pm, one ticket will be drawn from the tickets purchased daily.

The winner will receive 47% of the tickets, excluding tax.

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