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Mother of U.S-Based Singer Meddy Passes On

by Edmund Kagire
11:46 pm

Meddy’s mother Alphonsine Cyabukombe, passed on Sunday.

U.S-based Rwandan singer Meddy Ngabo Jobert and his family are mourning following the passing of his mother Alphonsine Cyabukombe, whose death was announced on Sunday, August 14.

According to reports, Meddy’s mother died in Nairobi, Kenya, where she had been undergoing medical treatment for a while. Meddy himself is yet to confirm the news of the passing of his mother but his fan page ‘Inkoramutima’ shared a photo of her captioned ‘Wabaye inkoramutima’, loosely translated to ‘You were a close friend’.

Friends of the singer including showbiz industry personality Alex Muyoboke, singer Uncle Austin and journalists David Bayingana and Luckman Nzeyimana, are among those who have taken to social media to condole the singer.

The 33-year old singer has always spoken fondly of his mother, who raised him singlehandedly, having lost his dad when he was a child. He always attributes his success to her. The ‘Holy Spirit’ singer often speaks of how he picked his love of music from her since childhood considering that she was also a talented musician who also played the guitar.

The singer occasionally portrayed his mother as a humble and loving person. In 2019, Meddy posted on Instagram praising his mother’s personality, describing her as a ‘pure soul’.

“Mama is so patient, Mama is so humble Mama is so loving, Mama never holds grudges. All she ever ask for, is to receive her love, respond to her texts, pick up her calls. The first and last thing she tells me : DON’T STOP PRAYING ! MY PURE SOUL? MY MAMA,”

Meddy was close to his mother despite the distance between them.

“PS: she is on insta but she won’t tell me her username ??‍♂️… she probably thinks I am gonna block her…( which I kinda would but in a good way…lol) and she probably gonna see this post and Text me on Whatsapp that she saw it …? I LOVE YOU MA,” posted Meddy on April 27, 2019.

In another  May 2020 post Meddy posted about his mother again on Mother’s day, stating how he fears to mention that he loves her ‘to death’ because she is very sensitive.

“PRETTY MAMA YOU STOLE MY HEART ❤️. Last time I said I love her to death, she said: “I don’t like when you say death !” ?? MAMA IS VERY SENSITIVE. So I am just gonna change my punch line today ???‍♂️. MAMA I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK !!!! ❤️…Also, I am still trying to find her username on IG ??‍♂️… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MAMA and to all the Brave MOTHERS OUT THERE ❤️” he posted.

Cyabukombe gave birth to Meddy on August 7, 1989, in Bujumbura, Burundi. His father Alphonse Sindayihebura died when Meddy was very young. It was his mother who enrolled the singer in a church choir at a very young age and taught him how to play the guitar.

Meddy has always spoken fondly of his mother.

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