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Rwandans Living Abroad Start Initiative to Support National Development

by Marie Grace Munezero
12:48 am

Founding members of Rwanda my home country

Rwandans living abroad  have started an initiative dubbed ‘Rwanda my home country, protect the brand’ which aims at protecting and preserving what Rwanda has achieved in development.

According to Nsengiyumva Rutsobe, the founder and the initiator, who lives in the United States of America, the movement will change people’s mindsets and it will allow them, especially the youth, to love their country and be proud of it.

“We will start by mobilizing our people, Rwandans living abroad, in Rwanda and friends of Rwanda to stand up against people who talk negativity and tarnish our image,” he said.

People should be aware of what Rwanda is doing, and its development progress. The rest of the world should not know us due to Genocide and other negative things. Our leaders are doing a great job, we must not be bystanders and allow people who insult them to do so.”

He said that showing all the positive development taking place in Rwanda will increase the opportunities for the investment in Rwanda.

Teta Kananga, a member who was born and raised in California, US, and now residing in Canada, said that the movement will help in terms of providing true and reliable information and will make Rwandans abroad love their country, visit it and even learn the Kinyarwanda language.

“We will make a change. For instance, I’m learning Kinyarwanda at this age, if only I was informed about my country, I would have visited it at an early age and learned about my maternal language and culture, it is a shame and we don’t want it to happen to our next generation, though we are living in other countries we are Rwandans at the end of the day,” she said.

Innocent Habumugisha, a member who went to different African countries explained how people will join and the method they will use.

“With the movement, we shall create a strong task force with different personalities such as artists, social media personalities, and social media influencers. We will have all social media platforms and share testimonies through them,” he said. Adding that ‘Protect the Brand’ will be the motto of the movement.

Intore Massamba, an artist, and a member, who is based in Rwanda but has many occasions to visit other countries and meet Rwandans in Diaspora said that Rwandans, especially the young generation need to be informed about their country by all means including art.

“Our artists who live in Rwanda should play a significant role in making other Rwandans and friends of Rwanda like this country even more. They should make them come and visit and invest,” he emphasized.

The initiative will be based in the United States of America.

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