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Yvan Buravan In India, Thanks Rwanda Gov’t For Support

by Edmund Kagire
7:05 pm

Yvan Buravan was flown out for treatment

Singer Yvan Buravan arrived in India, where he is expected to begin treatment. The singer, real name Ivan Burabyo, issued a statement on Thursday confirming that he is already abroad and is set to undergo a medical assessment to determine the condition he is suffering from.

The ‘Malaika’ singer, 27, was transferred to the Asian nation for further care following an illness that has kept him in hospital for the past couple of weeks.  Buravan thanked the Government of Rwanda for catering for the medical costs as well as everyone who has been praying for him.

“Yvan Buravan would like to let his friends and fans know that he is abroad for medical treatment. He thanks the family and the Government of Rwanda for the assistance with his medical care and for all those keeping him in their prayers and wishing for his recovery,” the singer said in a brief statement.

On Wednesday, Buravan’s family came out to dismiss social media reports that the singer had passed on, pointing out that even though he is sick, he was well and awaiting to be airlifted to India.

The ‘Gusakaara’ singer has been unwell for sometime, with reports indicating that doctors could not put a finger on what exactly was affecting his health. Fans of the singer and social media users were angered by the tweets announcing his ‘death’ posted by Samuel Baker Byansi, a local journalist and Claude Ishimwe ‘Mwene Karangwa’, a social media influencer.

The singer’s elder brother came out to say that the musician, who until recently was in Kenya for medical care, is alive and was set to be airborne to India anytime for more advanced treatment.

The rumours of Buravan’s death angered fellow artistes who also lambasted the journalist, Samuel Byansi Baker and social media user Claude Ishimwe Karangwa, of spreading misinformation on such a delicate matter.

According to reports, doctors are yet to find out the condition the ‘Malaika’ singer is suffering from, despite moving from one hospital to another and to Nairobi. His health was continuing to deteriorate as days went by. The condition started with the singer feeling some kind of heat in the stomach which persisted and affected his ability to eat. Many have taken to social media to wish him a quick recovery.

Born Yvan Dushime Burabyo in May 1995, started his music career in 2009 under his stage name Yvan Buravan. He is an R&B and Afrobeat singer and songwriter whose talent earned him a legion of fans.

He is the first Rwandan musician to have won the Prix Decouvertes RFI musical, in 2018. Buravan’s first hit song came out in 2015, ‘Urwo Ngukunda’, featuring Uncle Austin, who is credited for introducing him to the mainstream music scene. But it was his second single “Malaika” released in 2016 that propelled him into the limelight.

Buravan released his debut album, ‘The love lab’, in the year 2018 after winning the Prix Decouvertes RFI musical. As part of his winning package, he made a tour to 12 African countries, making it his first tour.

Some of his songs include ‘With You’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Bindimo’, ‘Si Belle’, ‘Just a Dance’, ‘Oya’ and many others.

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