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Bank of Kigali Appoints Mr. Eveque MUTABARUKA as Chief Information Officer

by KT Press Reporter
11:57 am

Mr. Eveque Mutabaruka will be responsible of the development and implementation of the bank’s Information Technology strategy aimed at driving the achievement of the bank’s technology-based business goals that will foster business innovation and high standards of quality customer services and data security into the bank.

‘’We are delighted to have appointed Mr. Eveque as the new Chief Information Officer. His appointment is an important step for us as a financial services institution that seeks to deliver tech oriented services and products. His leadership will ensure BK builds innovative and world-class services that evolve with the changing needs of our customers.” Said Dr. Diane KARUSISI, CEO of Bank of Kigali.

Eveque has ten years of experience working in the Banking sector occupying different Information Technology managerial positions. He has vast knowledge and experience in Information Technology project implementation, having worked as Chief Information Officer at BBS Limited in Botswana, and Head of Engineering in Bank of Kigali and other managerial roles in Bank of Kigali Ltd and KCB Rwanda Ltd. He re-joined Bank of Kigali Plc’s Management Team in June 2022.

Eveque holds a Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with an ongoing Master’s in Business and Administration at the University of People in the United States of America. He also holds a first-class bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ngozi.

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