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Bank of Kigali Covering ‘Back to School’ Needs

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:43 pm

BK Personal loan

 Parents planning to send their children back to school (this September 26, 2022) should worry not about running out of school supplies or money to manage the last three months of the year 2022.

Even with the current global inflation and increased prices of goods and services, at the bottom of every parent they strive for their child to have a healthy life and study without any problem.

With Bank of Kigali personalized and tailor-made products, don’t worry about running out of school supplies or money during this back-to-school season.

You can go to the nearest branch of the Bank of Kigali and they will help you get personal loans (Personal / Consumer Loans) or payday advances so that you can buy equipment and pay school fees.

This loan is made to cater everything you need in life and designed to cater for a wide range of personal borrowing needs.

These include: Education fees, Furniture Loan, Travel/Holiday Loan, Consumer Durables (Fridges, Cookers, TV), Wedding Loan, Electronic Accessories (iPAD, Mobile phones, Laptops), Medical and Pension Loan.

No additional security is required

Credit scoring techniques applied

It is based on regular monthly income i.e. salary, rental, pension

Loans are of shorter duration than most other bank loans

Customer can use the monies for whatever purpose they wish.

Current Loan rate is down to 18%

4/5 working days processing period

Payment period up to a maximum of 4 years

Eligibility Simplified

Apply one third of the net income to pay for loans.

The eligibility amount is 12 times the monthly pay.

The loan is repayable over a maximum period of 48 months (4 years).Some investment loans are approved repayable over 60 months.

The maximum amount loaned under this category is Rwf 15 million though there are exceptions.

Above 18 years of age at the time of application and not older than 70 years at the time the facility matures.

More details: https://bk.rw/personal or https://bk.rw/personal/loans/consumer-loan

Don’t Forget This

BK Techouse has a smart and comprehensive system that helps parents and schools to have full control over school fees payments.

With UrubutoPay, a masterpiece product of BK Techhouse you can pay whenever and wherever you are, just at the click of a button.

You only require a mobile phone device. You need to just dial *775# and pay immediately. Using Urubuto Pay is free, with only transaction fees applicable.

Currently, UrubutoPay has been successfully integrated with financial institutions such as Umwalimu SACCO and Bank of Kigali to enable the automatic payment of fees for all their customers. Urubuto has also been successfully integrated with MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money.

Good news for school administrators and parents who may forget to keep the pay slips. Reconciliation is instant when paying with UrubutoPay, and the system will keep the payment records that can be referred to and accessed anytime.

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