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Northern Corridor Drivers Commit to Reduce Air Pollution

by Daniel Sabiiti
12:14 pm

Trucks on EAC roads

Drivers along the Northern Corridor are undergoing training in Kigali, aimed at engaging drivers in reducing air pollution in the region.

The training organized by the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA ) kicked off on September 19, 2022, with 25 drivers equipped with practical skills to increase their knowledge.

Rwanda’s National figures show that trucks and vehicles that use gasoline or diesel are leading air polluters at a time when the number of registered vehicles in Rwanda has steadily increased.

During the training experts will take drivers through lessons on how to reduce these emissions and the need to have their vehicles undergo routine technical control, and effects of air pollution to the economies they serve.

Some of the drivers testified that they know how to drive well, but that they did not know anything about reducing or preventing gas emission.

“Now I know that whenever we drive our vehicles, we also contribute to air pollution since we often drive with too much speed and too little braking. All of that releases a lot of smoke. But now we know how to avoid this by driving moderately, saving fuel,” said one driver, Fred Museminari.

Omae Nyarandii

The trainees will train others to avoid air pollution in the transport sector.

Omae Nyarandi, the NCTTCA Executive Secretary said that the availability of training for drivers of autonomous vehicles is a response to environmental protection.

“This ‘eco-driving’ training is important because it allows drivers to have the choice to change their behavior, making them drive more mindful of protecting the environment and they also benefit because they use less fuel than they used to,” Nyarandi said.

Nyarandi pointed out that out of the 25 corridors that make up the Northern Corridor, 10 of them are known to have the most air pollution, as they account for 86% of the greenhouse gas emissions and stated that efforts should be made to reduce emissions, which is the training.

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