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Tallinn Digital Summit: Rwanda To Fully Digitize Government Services By 2024-PM Ngirente

by Williams Buningwire
6:42 pm

The Prime Minister, Dr. Ngirente represented President Kagame at the Tallin Digital Summit

Rwanda’s Prime Minister says the country will continue its digitization journey to achieve 100% of all government services accessible online by 2024. Currently, most government services are accessed online, and the rate stands at 90%.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Édouard Ngirente made the remarks at the opening of Tallinn Digital Summit, or TDS which focused on delivering connectivity through partnerships.

The two-day summit will run from 10th-11 October in Estonia, and aims to discuss steps governments, financial institutions, international organizations, technical experts, and the private sector can take to ensure digital future advances in human freedom, human dignity, and the rules-based international order.

“In Rwanda, over 90% of our government services are accessed online and we continue digitization efforts towards achieving 100% of all government services online by 2024. Emerging technologies demand greater enforcement in cybersecurity,” Dr. Ngirente said.

“One of the biggest challenges with cybercrimes is that they are borderless. Strong cooperation between countries is critical to deter and investigate these cybercrimes. The regulatory landscape must play an essential role in safeguarding and protecting people’s information,” he added.

He pointed out that regulations must be flexible to adapt and evolve with the speed of technology, while facilitating innovation.

The TDS brings together leaders from digitally-advanced countries, international organizations, and the private sector to address the most current pressing issues and future.

According to the Premier, sustained and reliable connectivity requires a skilled and talented base and so, countries need to continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies that will prepare the workforce, particularly the youth, in working towards a responsible digital future.

This year’s summit is expected to explore the role of connectivity and partnerships across global stability, supply chains, energy, economic and cyber security, digital policy, international standards, artificial intelligence, clouds and satellites, and digital public goods

More so, discussions will rotate on possible support for the reconstruction of Ukraine which is currently at war with Russia.

“To achieve all this, Public-Private Partnership is important as it plays a crucial role in knowledge transfer and advancing meaningful connectivity. Rwanda will continue to collaborate with bilateral and multilateral partners to further advance broadband connectivity infrastructure development,” Dr. Ngirente noted.

According to the Premier, Rwanda is committed to address challenges related to the security of cross-border data sharing, the safe and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence and strengthening collaboration on digital innovation.

Since 2014, Rwanda has already begun charting an ambitious course for achieving rapid digital transformation and demonstrated a clear commitment to embracing the digital economy as a lever for accelerating growth, improving services delivery and increasing job creation.

It all started with the creation of Irembo, an e-service portal that is a channel of accessing most of the government services. It was also among government intensified efforts to fight corruption.

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