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Driving Tests Kick off Across the Country

by KT Press Reporter
12:06 am

Provisional and definitive driving tests started this Monday, December 12, in City of Kigali and across all sites in regions, with call for candidates to always prepare themselves well to reverse the high rate of failure.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) decentralized driving test services to other 16 sites across all regions to facilitate the big number of candidates, after the registration was made open-ended, and to take services closer to the people.

The RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, said that more than 92,000 people have so far registered for definitive, supplementary and paper-based driving tests since December 3, when the online registration was opened.

“Today marks the beginning of continuous definitive, supplementary and paper-based provisional tests across all the 16 sites in regions. Since the registration was opened, 62644 people have registered for definitive, 19882 for supplementary tests while 9621 have registered to sit for paper-based provisional test.

We remind the public that the system is now open-ended and they can register at any time of their convenience and these sites will effective today be handling driving tests, every day,” CP Kabera said.

He advised candidates to go to sites where they chose to do the tests from, to have their registration codes, national ID and to keep time.

He, however, hinted on the big number of people, who fail driving tests and called for prior proper preparations.

“The rate at which candidates fail tests is high compared to those who pass. For example, since November 19, a total of 105,255 people have registered to do computer-based provisional driving test.

Out of 23,672, who have already done the computer-based test, only 48.8 percent (11543) passed while other 51.2 percent (12134) failed,” CP Kabera said.

The failure, he said, is largely due to candidates, who go for tests counting only on luck.

“If you want to be a good driver, who understands well traffic rules and regulations, take time, go to driving schools, read and understand instead of counting on luck. Aim to be a good driver with vast knowledge on road safety regulations… someone, who will drive safely on road,” CP Kabera advised.

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