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Rwanda FDA Bans Imported Substandard Sexual Enhancement Drugs

by Williams Buningwire
7:33 pm

The banned products

Rwanda Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) has banned ‘Male Private Part Enlargement natural’ medicines from the local market after they were found to have negative health consequences on users. The regulatory body said banning the substances imported from Tanzania is part of its duties to ensure that the public health of the population,

The natural medicine dubbed “Dawa ya kupanua Uume and Delay Spray for Men” lightly translated as Male Private Part enlargement medicines were banned on the market in the Statement released by FDA on Friday, last week.

Additionally, FDA encouraged all importers and suppliers of withdrawn natural medicine to inform Rwanda FDA within 5 working days of the withdrawal date of the quantities imported, distributed, and returned, as well as to provide the final stock.

“Rwanda FDA asks Manufacturers, Importers and users of these natural medicines to stop, and return the medicine where they bought them,” part of the Statement reads.

In the other particulars, Dawa ya kupanua Uume weighs 35grams while, Delay Spray for Men medicine weighs 10 grams and has Vitamin E component. FDA did not indicate producers of the dual natural medicines.

“Rwanda FDA reminds producers, importers and sellers of natural medicine to register and get clearance certificates for medicines as one of requirements before putting medicine on the local market,” the statement also reads.

Other banned Tanzania natural medicine includes Ngetwa3 which allegedly heals a couple of diseases. Without specifying diseases, it heals, Rwanda FDA says it weighs 130grams and is produced by Ngetwa Company.

“These natural medicines do not fulfil standards, and any acts to market them should stop immediately,” the statement also reads.


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