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EdTech Monday To Discuss Ways Of Expanding Opportunities In Digital Learning

by Emmy Nuwamanya
12:33 pm

From left, Sengati, from REB, Ngilinshuti from Rwanda Polytechnic and Ingabire, from SolvIT Africa, will be hosted by Ines Ghislaine Nyinawumuntu on KT Radio, in the first episode of EdTech Monday of 2023.

It is once again an opportune time for the followers of EdTech Monday Rwanda, the monthly show on KT Radio which focuses on ways of leveraging technology to enhance education and learning, to tune in again on Monday, as the first programme of 2023 airs.

The February 27, 2023 episode will air live on both KT Radio and Kigali Today YouTube Channel, as well as Twitter Space from 6PM to 7PM.

The February Episode will be guided by the theme “Mainstreaming Hybrid Learning”, in relation to increased adoption of e-learning, or rising digitalization in Africa’s Education sector.

Among other factors, recent international crises, like the Covid-19 pandemic, underscored the important role technology can play in enabling accessibility, inclusivity, and resilience in education.

However, the adoption of hybrid learning is a complex process that presents many challenges, including inadequate infrastructure and human resources.

Monday’s show, to be hosted by KT Radio’s presenter Ines Nyinawumuntu, will bring together three well versed panellists; Diane Sengati, Director of Digital Content and Instructional Technology Development, from Rwanda Basic Education Board, Daton Eric Ngilinshuti, Division Manager in charge of Digital Content and Connectivity, from Rwanda Polytechnic and Lilian Ingabire, Programs Manager, SOLVIT Africa.

The show maintains its focus on leveraging technology to advance education and learning in Rwanda. It is prepared by the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT, in partnership with Rwanda ICT Chamber on every last Monday of the month.


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