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Cabinet Approves Laws Reforming Key Government Institutions

by Edmund Kagire
6:24 am

President Kagame chaired a cabinet meeting which approved key laws and orders government institutions. Photos/Urugwiro Village.

A cabinet meeting chaired by President Kagame on Tuesday approved laws and orders which are expected to reform and revitalise key government institutions, to make them more efficient.

Among the draft laws approved include the law governing Rwanda Development Board (RDB), which has been revised to make the government body charged with promoting doing business, investment and tourism, among other things, more effective in delivering its mandate.

Earlier this year in February, during the National Dialogue Council-Umushyikirano, President Kagame said that duplication of duties and services by different institutions had made RDB fail to deliver on its mandate.

It was pointed out that the RDB one-stop centre was not doing what it was established for -putting all services local and foreign investors needed to do business in Rwanda in one place.

President Kagame and Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente.

President Kagame at the time pointed out that it was meaningless if investors have to hop from one institution to another, yet there is a one-stop centre that is supposed to offer them all services in one place.

The new law is expected to put structures in place to make the institution more effective and also synchronise all services in one place in an effort to ease doing business.

Other laws approved by cabinet include the the draft law governing Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC) as well as Presidential orders governing different institutions including the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR), Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA), Road Maintenance Fund (RMF) and the Special Guarantee Fund (SGF).

In another move, the cabinet approved a Presidential order establishing Rwanda Forensic Institute (RFI), which will be established under Rwanda Forensic Laboratory (RFL), to teach forensic studies not just in Rwanda but the continent.

The cabinet also approved the Prime Minister’s order determining the mission, responsibilities and organisational structure of the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement (MINUBUMWE) as well as the Prime Minister’s order determining the organizational structure of the Office of the Ombudsman.

Other orders passed include the Prime Minister’s order determining the organizational structure of Rwanda Atomic Energy Board (RAEB) and the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) as well as a Ministerial order determining modalities to practice the office of notary by private persons and modalities to provide notarial services by electronic means.

The same cabinet sitting approved the draft law amending law determining offences and penalties and the draft law amending law relating to the criminal procedure and the draft law amending the law on civil procedure as well as the draft law governing evidence.

In other developments, the Cabinet approved a Presidential order promoting commissioners, senior officers and junior officers of Rwanda National Police and a Ministerial order promoting non- commissioned officers and low-ranking officers of Rwanda National Police.

In other news, the cabinet approved an agreement between the Government of Rwanda and the African Medicines Agency (AMA) for the country to host the headquarters of the continental body. Government also allocated land where the premises will be built.

The cabinet chaired by President Kagame approved the appointment of Einat Weiss as Israel Ambassador to Rwanda, to replace Dr. Ron Adam, as well as other envoys and representatives of international organisations.


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