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FinTech: Bank of Kigali To Retire Old App As New Improved One Is Unveiled

by Edmund Kagire
6:42 am

Bank of Kigali says the new app will improve the client’s banking experience.

Bank of Kigali has announced the discontinuation of its old BK App, urging its customers to migrate to a newer version that will give clients a much more enjoyable experience and user-friendly features.

Rwanda’s biggest bank says that the old BK App will be discontinued with effect from 15 July 2023 and in its place, they are introducing the new BK Mobile App, which offers enhanced user experience, convenience, and speed.

According to the bank, the new BK Mobile App has been carefully designed with our customers in mind, incorporating valuable feedback and advanced features to meet the customer’s evolving banking needs.

“We encourage all BK customers currently using the old app to swiftly transition to the new BK Mobile App for a seamless banking experience,” the bank says in a statement decommissioning the old app and announcing the new one.

Key features of the new BK Mobile App include an improved user experience with a user-friendly interface, which ensures effortless navigation and intuitive banking operations.

Regarding enhanced convenience, BK says that through the new app, customers can schedule payments, retrieve bank statements, and access various banking services with ease, eliminating unnecessary visits to the branches.

The new app will also give clients an opportunity to manage their cards, whereby they can conveniently check their credit and prepaid card balances, track card usage, and manage their card preferences.

Clients are encouraged to migrate to the new app.

The new app will also enable customers to monitor their loans, check their loan balance, and view their payment schedule, providing greater financial control especially on their loans.

The new BK App also allows biometric authentication, where customers can log in securely using biometric authentication methods such as fingerprints or facial recognition, ensuring enhanced security and convenience.

Furthermore, the new app allows users to save and manage beneficiaries for swift and hassle-free fund transfers.

To ensure a smooth transition, Bank of Kigali says customers can migrate from the old App to the new BK Mobile App using their existing credentials. Clients can download the new BK Mobile App on both iOS and Android platforms via
their respective app stores.

“Bank of Kigali remains committed to delivering exceptional banking services and innovative solutions to our
valued customers. We believe that the new BK Mobile App will greatly enhance their banking experience and
empower them to manage their finances more efficiently.” BK said in a statement.

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