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We Need Help – Family of 1 Year Old Injured In House Collapse Pleads

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:35 pm

Neza Eliola at hospital -the small house(R) that fell on her was rebuilt by owners

May 14 past lunch time is a day the parents and siblings of one-year-old Neza Eliola from Gahanga sector, Kagasa cell in Kicukiro will never forget following an incident that affected their lives.

On that day, Neza was playing with five other children in the backyard when a house from the neighbour, allegedly Betty Umutesi collapsed, falling on them.

“The five elderly ones run for their safety, but Neza could not manage. The debris of the adobe bricks fell on her and we rescued her when she was hardly breathing,” says Solina Nyirangwijuruvugo, the Neza’s aunt.

“We rushed her to the nearest health centre, but they quickly referred her to Rwanda Military Hospital. She has been in coma ever since.”

Life has never been easy since Neza was admitted. The aunt who is head of family of ten children but has no job struggles to assist Neza’s mother who is also economically vulnerable.

“Every day, the child uses six diapers. That’s on top of some medicines that cannot be covered by the community based health insurance-RSSB,” said the aunt.

“I am very much challenged to even find the food for Neza’s attendants. Sometimes I find a little food but fail to raise transport to the hospital.”

So far, according to this mother, the bill for Neza’s medical bill has so far increased to Rwf 420,000.

“I requested the neighbour whose house collapsed on my child to assist me for the medication of Neza, instead of supporting us, she rushed to rebuild the house that collapsed,” said Nyirangwijuruvugo.

Neza’s problem is known to the local leaders, including the Gahanga Sector Executive secretary, but the family has not yet got support from the sector.





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