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Singer The Ben Is Bereaved

by Janvier Ruzindana
11:50 am

Ben’s father-RIP

U.S-based Rwandan singer, Mugisha Benjamin known as The Ben and Rapper Rukundo Elie (Green P), with their family are grieving the loss of their father Mbonimpa John, who passed away due to illness at the age 65.

The death of Mbonimpa John, father of renowned rapper Green P and the afro hit maker, The Ben was announced on Friday, August 18, 2023.

According to reports, The Ben’s father died in Masaka hospital, where he had been undergoing medical treatment for a while.

The Ben in 2018, when he was in an interview on NTV television in Uganda, he was asked what he fears in his life, and he answered that it is hearing the news that one of his parents is no longer in the world.

“In life, the thing I fear the most is hearing the news that one of my parents is no longer with us in the world,” he said.

The sad story for this family of renowned artists found The Ben in South Africa while Green P has recently moved to Dubai since 2021.

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