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Above 460,000 Applicants for Nearly 3000 Jobs – Public Service Commission Report

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:58 pm

The chairman of Board of Directors of National Public Commission SEBAGABO MUHIRE Barnabé(Middle) presenting the report before Rwanda Parliament, October 26

The National Public Service Commission has issued its report for the fiscal year 2022-2023 where scores of applicants  turned up for 1,372 positions.

During the reporting period, the commission published 1,372 positions for 2,857 jobs and 465,619 applicants filed their application documents.

Of all these applicants however, 313,168 equivalent to 66.8 per cent fulfilled the job requirements, but not all of them sat the recruitment exams.

The commission received 73,032 job applicants (or 23.3 per cent of those who qualified) in the recruitment tests, but given the number of vacant posts, there was still a few chance for all of them.

After the exam, 5,900 applicants  passed the exams and only 2,358( equivalent to 40 per cent) were employed, leaving the remaining 3,410 winners on the pending list.

Candidates Appeal the examination results

In front of the results in these recruitment tests however, not every candidate was satisfied. The commission received 6685 appeal cases, and found 1574(23 per cent) of them valid.

Biggest number of appeals were directed to public institutions with 3008 cases including 681 valid cases, followed by provinces, districts and city of Kigali with 2422 appeal cases of which 526 valid.

The reasons of appeals were the candidates who were disqualified while they fulfilled requirements, badly prepared examination questionnaires or answers that do not correspond to the questions, and awarding little marks to candidates compared to their performance in the oral interview.

There were also cases of unqualified examination markers and institutions which answer to the appeal cases without checking them properly.

In the last five years, three companies, including Water and Sanitation Corporation and Energy Body-WASAC and RECO RWASCO and later WASAC and REG and University of Rwanda have been recurrent in labor cases that cost the country a combined Rwf  2.1 billion

The two government have the lion share in this. Between 2017 and 2022, WASAC and REG caused a combined loss of Rwf 2 billion, while the university of Rwanda caused Rwf 125 million loss.


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