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Rwanda Inaugurates Regional Cyber-crime Investigation Centre

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:40 am

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuje, on Friday, October 6, inaugurated the hi-tech ‘Regional Cybercrime Investigation Centre of Excellence’, which will facilitate national and regional efforts against growing cyber threats.

The centre located at the Rwanda National Police (RNP) General Headquarters, Kacyiru was seconded by the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO) to facilitate and coordinate law enforcement institutions to respond to cybercrime activities in the region.

The event was also attended by the Minister of Interior, Alfred Gasana.

Minister Ugirashebuje said that the centre reasserts efforts to address the growing global cyber threats, through enhance capacity building, operational and rapid response to cybercrimes.

“The government of Rwanda underscores the importance of working hand-in-hand with countries, agencies and organisations that are on the forefront of fighting cyber-related crimes,” Minister Ugirashebuje said.

He added: “The UN and AU recognize that cybercrime is a global challenge that requires international cooperation and collaboration.

Interpol Secretary-General, Jürgen Stock planting a tree to mark 100 year of the institution

“It is, therefore, important for countries to align their national strategies with these resolutions and work together to create a safer digital environment for individuals, businesses and governments.”

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Felix Namuhoranye said that the centre marks a turning point in the regional collective efforts to effectively deal with cybercrime.

“The centre will undoubtedly serve as a platform for information sharing and capacity building among Police forces and their investigative arms across the Eastern Africa region, and more importantly, it will enhance our collective ability to effectively investigate cybercrimes,” IGP Namuhoranye said.

In Rwanda, he added, it will be an effective tool for RNP and RIB to find joint solutions to the most complex cybercrime challenges.

Japanese ambassador to Rwanda, Isao Fukushima, said that Rwanda and Japan have reaffirmed the importance of joint efforts in tackling cybercrime activities.

“Cybercrime is a threat to human security and dignity,” Amb. Fukushima said.

Interpol Secretary-General, Jürgen Stock, said that cyber vulnerabilities are getting worse and that the centre recognizes regional and global efforts to strengthen the capacity against cybercrime.

“Last month, Interpol and Afripol worked together to coordinate an operation across 25 African countries, which enabled investigators to arrest 14 suspected criminals are identified almost 21,000 suspicious networks, highlighting cyber threats in the region,” Stock said.

The cybercrime investigation centre constructed at a time of over US$3 million, boosts three key components; training wing, digital forensic laboratory and cyber fusion centre.

The cybercrime centre will serve as a regional training hub in mobile and computer forensics, malware analysis and investigation, and cyber investigation.

The digital forensic laboratory, on the other hand, will facilitate law enforcement institutions in investigations and evidence collection for electronic devices as well as cases related to malware and cybercrime.

The cyber fusion centre will also help to monitor national, regional and global cybercrime threats to help EAPCCO on effective course of action.

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