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CFAO Mobility Launches First BYD Electric Vehicle Dealership In Rwanda

by Daniel Sabiiti
3:33 pm

CFAO Mobility Rwanda has launched its first BYD (Build Your Dreams) electric vehicle dealership that is set to transform the Rwanda e-mobility market with a fleet of cars built for comfort and state of the art technology.

The international brand that will be represented in Eastern Africa was officially launched in Kigali this January 25, 2024 with a rebranding in the company from CFAO Motors Rwanda to CFAO Mobility Rwanda Limited.

The launch also witnessed the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Fidele Abimana officiate the official unveiling of the first BYD Atto 3 brand in Rwanda- a sleek and high tech built vehicle which will cost Rwf 49.9 million with a warranty of eight years and a guaranteed after sale service care.

Srinivas Cheruvu, General Manager of CFAO Mobility in Rwanda said they are proud to be the first in Rwanda to sell state of the art electric vehicles as well as all the associated services.

We imagined this Kigali dealership as a welcoming place dedicated to discovering the BYD models, which combine modernity, comfort and costs savings. It makes a lot of sense for CFAO Mobility to take part to this green energy transition in Rwanda, and to offer a quality solution to our customers who are willing to go electric.”

Pioneer in the spreading of electric solutions in the African continent, CFAO Mobility Rwanda revealed that it will offer a whole ecosystem of services : set-up of charging stations, solar panels to produce electricity, maintenance, assistance and spare parts sale.

Cheruvu said that the entry of the Atto 3 on the local market will soon be followed by a fleet of other BYD brands such as Dolphin and Dolphin- Mini.

“Together with BYD we will be at the forefront of a transformation that goes beyond traditional automotive experiences. Our aim is not only to meet but exceed the expectations of our customers, partners, and the community at large,” he said.

“As you witness the launch of BYD in Rwanda today, you will see more than just cars. You will witness a convergence of cutting edge technology, environmental responsibility, and a commitment to create a better world,” Cheruvu said.

Pierre Toulotte, the BYD Brand Manager said that Rwanda is the perfect place to begin this partnership as the country has set its eyes on the same targets of reducing green gas emissions in its updated National Determined Contributions (NDC).

Rwanda plans on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 38 percent by 2025 through unconditional and conditional measures in agriculture, energy, waste, and industrial processes and product use; and drive adaptation through 24 interventions across eight sectors:

These are water, agriculture, and forestry, human settlement, health, transport, mining, and cross-sectional.

Why CFAO Choose Rwanda?

Toulotte stated that Rwanda is one of the most advanced countries in the continent in its willingness to reach carbon neutrality, to boost the sales of clean vehicles and to use clean electricity.

“This policy perfectly matches both the strategy of BYD and CFAO Group,” Toulotte said.

“Indeed, our plan is not only to sell a new car brand in Rwanda, but also to offer the customers an all-inclusive e-mobility package. That is why, we will offer top of the class vehicles and an adapted charging station, energy storage devices as well as solar panels,” Toulotte revealed.

With this new comprehensive offer, Toulotte said that they are confident that a great number of customers will switch to electric vehicles and enjoy all the benefits of a clean, peaceful and carbon-free drive that contributes to the next generation of a clean Rwanda.

Vehicle emissions are the largest air pollutants in Rwanda where there are over 300, 000 registered vehicles (most of them found in Kigali city).
An assessment by Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and Rwanda National Police in 2022 shows that 80 percent of tested vehicles, mainly old cars, are emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

REMA statistics show that more than 2,200 deaths were attributed to ambient air pollution in 2012 and the number of hospital admissions for acute respiratory infections in health centers across the country increased to 3,331,300 in 2015, up from 1,682,321 in 2012.

PS Fidele Abimana said that the coming of CFAO into the Rwandan market is timely and this will not only enable the mobility sector to enable growth but also add on national efforts in environmental protection and green growth.

To ensure this happens, Rwanda has put in place policies to encourage the shift to e-mobility with exemptions on import taxes, excise duty, and a zero VAT for all e-vehicles.

Abimana said that the new CFAO and BYD partnership will also address the concern Rwandans have raised over the fear of having after sales services for e-vehicles (repair and maintenance).

“We are lucky that this has been addressed by the partnership,” Abimana said, “As customers of CFAO motors we are happy for this new chapter in Rwanda’s economic transformation journey.

Abimana said that this partnership will accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in Rwanda and this give the government the assurance the the NDC will be met.

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