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DStv Creates Awareness On Customized Business Packages in Rwanda

by Daniel Sabiiti
9:16 pm

L-R: Musa Huko, Augustin Muhirwa (from DStv) and Simon Njoroge, and Boniface Gachoka (the Chairman and SG of Bahlita respectively).

DStv has launched a major campaign to extend specialized packages for business owners in Rwanda following a successful uptake of home pay-tv packages.

In May 2023, DStv Rwanda announced a reduction in its package prices covering a wide range of consumers in rural and urban residences which saw the subscription prices slashed to as low as Rwf5,000 per package under the “Ni Ya Bose” (DSTV for All) campaign.

“The uptake of the residential packages has been impressive and this goes to all parts of the country, and without mentioning the numbers of customers, we have made many new clients,” Augustin Muhirwa the Managing Director at Tele 10 and DStv Rwanda at a Regional DStv for Business Media briefing held in Kigali on February 22, 2024.

Muhirwa said that they project to have many numbers because the company has been able to meet their monthly targets and also venturing into other packages under the DStv for Business.

Augustin Muhirwa, the Managing Director at Tele 10 and DStv Rwanda

To reach this goal and add value to businesses, DStv for Business has been partnering with the Bar, Hotel, and Liquor Stores Association (BAHLITA) for over two years in Kenya and extending their partnership in Rwanda in a bid to promote and create awareness of the existing opportunities for local business owners.

Formed 22 years ago Bahlita is a trade union with initial roots in Kenya but now spreading to the rest of Africa, operating in Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles, Burundi, Ethiopia, DRC, Nigeria, Liberia, Zambia & Uganda, and now in Rwanda.

Under this partnership, Bahlita aims to Create Awareness about DStv for Business, amplify the benefits, and create awareness of anti-piracy among its members.

Officials said that through DStv for Business, this is a mutually beneficial partnership that helps DStv tap into the Bahlita database to extend its services and also add value to Bahlita members who will also be able to connect customers to profits no matter the business size.

The DStv for Business offer comes with three packages tailored specifically for business owners to subscribe to, to meet and increase their customer experience in various sectors, ranging from hospitality, tourism, banking, mining, and workplaces and offices among others.

Bahlita members from Kenya are here to explore and share DStv for Business opportunities with Rwandans

The three exclusive packages were introduced under the context of understanding that every business is unique and has unique customers thus the need to have tailored subscriptions offering business owners value and choice making their customers and guests feel at home.

For instance, the DStv STAY is specifically structured for hotels, guesthouses, lodge, and B&B owners; while the DStv PLAY- caters to public viewing areas including restaurants, bars, and taverns; and the DStv WORK is meant for offices and workspaces including banks.

These packages come in types- Ultra, Essential, and Basic (for both DStv STAY and DStv PLAY) and Ultra, Essential (for DStv WORK).

Musa Huko, the Head of DStv for Business at MultiChoice Africa

Musa Huko, the Head of DStv for Business at MultiChoice Africa said with DStv for Business, business establishments can tap into the power of the best local and international channels.

“DStv remains true to its brand purpose of enriching lives as a clear purpose-led technology platform business hosting the best of local and video entertainment curated for commercial customers,” Huko said.

Huko stated that they plan to raise awareness of these packages and there is a full team dedicated to the DStv for business in Rwanda.

For instance, Huko said that this team will meet potential clients in their places of operation across the country but also count on good customer experiences to create awareness and installer services.

Simon Njoroge, the Chairman of Bahlita

Simon Njoroge, the Chairman of Bahlita  explained why the two parties came together being the power to negotiate for stakeholders including DStv and other service providers that they deal with in their business ecosystem.

“Let us all have DStv because it has very many packages and having these services is one of the demands for our clients. This partnership has a plan to support the sectors and would like to invite many to join the association to enjoy the benefits of working with DStv,” Njoroge said.

Bahlita Secretary General, Boniface Gachoka

Bahlita Secretary General, Boniface Gachoka stated that the partnership has enabled the association members to negotiate improved services on some of their previous challenges- for example, subscription expiration timelines are now extended, technical support is provided on time, and a special package for Bahlita members- called Basic for Bahlita.

Bahlita officials also used the opportunity to reveal their plans in Rwanda which include on boarding new members, advocacy for the sector players, fighting piracy, and exposure through regional tours that will happen soon with one expected on April 24, 2024 in Uganda.

A DStv Rwanda employee display some of their exclusive products on the local market

DStv for Business Regional Media Press Conference in Kigali, to be taken to other regional countries and across Africa where DStv has operations.


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