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Parliament Gives Directives On Ungraduated Catholic University Students

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:23 pm

Members of the Rwanda Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies

Parliament has taken a stance on the case students of the Catholic University of Rwanda who have not graduated after years of completing their university studies.

From the academic year 2018/2019 to 2021/2022, CUR has had an accumulative number of 20 students who had not been to graduate in the Faculty of Public Health and Human Nutrition, though they were given admission letters and pursued studies with hope of graduating.

Following the Higher Education Council (HEC) changes in regulations (General Academic Regulations, revised in June 2013) which requires one to have two principal passes to pursue education in a high learning institution, it was discovered that the students had been enrolled without fulfilling this requirements, thus not enlisted among graduates.

The affected students raised this as a matter of injustice to the university authorities, to HEC and the ministry of education asking that they are given a green light to graduate in vain thus taking a further step to petition parliament over the matter on

The students argued that they were able to get clearance letters and to whom it may concern- that proves they completed their studies pending graduation and that the Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council had based on these documents to give them ‟Certificates of registration’’ officially.

This “Certificate of registration” is usually given to those who meet the requirements to be allowed to study in higher education.

The certificate has a number and is issued by the council to those who have a high school diploma with at least two principle passes, even when they cannot take a council exam to enter the labor market because they do not have a university degree.

As a way to solve this problem, HEC ruled that the students have to retake their secondary school studies to acquire the required passes so as to graduate.

The university is said to advised the students to redo their secondary course (as liberal candidates) to acquire the required two principal passes.

The Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies

According to a report by the parliament committee Committee on Education, Technology, Culture and Youth; presented February 14, 2024 on this matter, the university did advise the students to do so and administrative measures were taken on CUR following the fact that they wrongfully admitted university students.

The committee however said that so far 9 out of 20 students have been able to meet the requirements and have been allowed to finish higher education (graduation) except for 2 who are waiting for the next graduation.

The committee also showed that only four students (who petitioned parliament) had failed to be convinced with the HEC resolve on the matter but one of them did so later and was able to redo their studies to get two principle passes.

In resolving this matter and following the investigation and findings collected from all parties concerned, the parliament approved a committee report and recommendation to task the ministry and parliament itself to follow up on the issue.

Members of Parliament agreed with the recommendations on the CUR ungraduated students

Parliament resolved that the ministry of education will have to present to the Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies how the problem of 4 students at the Catholic University of Rwanda was resolved and this should be done within two (2) months.

The Parliament agreed to take responsibility to respond (within two weeks) to the four students (who petitioned the Chamber of Deputies) that the decision taken by HEC to not allow them to graduate is justified.

The committee explained that this is because the students studied at University without meeting the admission requirements.

During a plenary debate MPs like Valens Muhakwa, also a former lawyer and teacher advised that the easiest way to resolve this matter is having the concerned student do the required- to have at least two principal passes in the final high school exams and then graduate at CUR.

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