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Radical Changes to Tackle Public Transport Woes

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:59 pm

Radical re-organisation of the public transport sector in Kigali is set to ease people’s transportation woes.

Up until now, there was a virtual  monopoly between three companies, but with new changes, companies with ability to do so, may enter the competition so long as they fulfill the regulatory requirements for the public transport providers.

As new changes take effect tomorrow, March 16, already 18 public transport operators, including 14 companies and 4 individual operators who fulfilled the requirements will start to serve passengers from 66 destinations(routes) of Kigali.

The destinations which include new routes is set to allow passengers to board from their neighborhoods, to reduce waiting time and to increase competition which may come with quality service.

Meanwhile, in terms of buses that are meant to serve passengers within one corridor, every transport operator assigned to a corridor will contribute a number of buses to different routes.

For example, in the corridor A, the route of Remera bus park to Nyabugogo bus park(via Kacyiru bus stop), the city needs 6 buses 70 seaters. They will be contributed by KBS and Nyabugogo cooperative(RFTC) equitably. They will contribute the same number for Remera bus park-Bwerankoli bus stop.

The same companies will equally contribute 4 buses each for the route Nyanza bus park-Remera bus park.

For Remera bus park -Nyabugogo bus park via Rwandex, Ritco will join KBS to bring 4 buses each.

For Downtwon-Kabuga via Rwandex, KBS will give three buses and Ritco, five.

For the newly introduced Remera-Special Economic Zone route, four buses 29 seaters will be required. KBS and Volcano will contribute two buses respectively.

KBS, the main contributor in this corridor will also join Ritco to give two buses 70 seaters respectively for Remera-Busanza via Mu itunda.

The CBD-Downtown bus park will require 6 buses 29 seaters. Contributing them will include KBS and Volcano with two buses respectively.

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