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How Kagame Defied France’s Warning and Captured Butare

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:22 pm

President Paul Kagame at Kwibuka30

President Paul Kagame has given a testimony how he defied warning from France, that he would see the worst if he captured the city of Butare in the Southern part of Rwanda during the Liberation struggle.

In his Kwibuka30 message, the president said: “That day, General Romeo Dallaire brought me a letter where France was warning: Dare to capture the town of Butare. You will see us,” Kagame recalls.

Then Dallaire, who was commander of the UN mission in Rwanda added: “Beware! France is strong militarily. They have strong arms and helicopters. I think you have to pay attention and give up to that city.”

As for the answer, Kagame who was the commander of Rwanda Patriotic Front-RPF Inkotanyi said:” Do French soldiers bleed? And Dallaire answered: Of course they do.”

To this, President Kagame told Dallaire: “Thank you. You can just go and relax. We shall soon answer the letter of France.”

The following morning, Kagame ordered an attack to Butare.

“I asked our commander in the area, that time Fred Ibingira(Rtd General now) to organize the army, and we captured the town of Butare,” Kagame said amid applause.

RPF Inkotanyi entered the city of Huye in the Southern province of Rwanda on July 3, 1994, and the following day, they captured it.

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