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UN In Solidarity With Rwanda Towards A Better Future – Resident Coordinator

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:39 pm

Ozzonia Ojielo (left) with PM Dr, Édouard  Ngirente

The Prime Minister, Dr. Édouard  Ngirente and the United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator to Rwanda, Ozzonia Ojielo have held talks aimed at strengthening solidarity in Rwanda’s development journey, thirty years after the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

Ojielo said that the discussions were aimed at showing that the UN family and other development partners are united with Rwanda during this journey of transformation and the future that the country is building for all its citizens.

“I leave this meeting highly excited about the prospects for the country but also very inspired by the commitment and leadership of the government of Rwanda in this journey for transformation,” Ojielo told the local media after meeting the PM this April 5, 2024.

PM Ngirente (middle) held a closed meeting with the UN and Rwanda foreign affairs officials

Ojielo, who is also the Permanent Coach of the development partner’s community in Rwanda stated that during the meeting he reassured the PM Ngirente of the full support and cooperation of the United Nations system and that of the development partner community towards this development journey.

Currently the UN is present in all facets of Rwanda’s development ranging from designing the Rwanda national development strategy to 14 sector working groups (between the UN. the government and private sector,) in governance, energy, agriculture, education, health, social protection, to mention but a few.

Ojielo noted that during this commemoration week is a moment of solidarity.

“The journey that we have walked as a country to get to where we are, development is not instant coffee. I think one of the things you find in Rwandan people that you don’t find in other countries is the sense of purpose, commitment, leadership to make change happen,”  Ojielo said.

As UN Resident Coordinator, Ojielo reaffirmed the commitment of working with the government of Rwanda towards its development journey which gives citizens a sense of hope that the future of the country is better than 30 years ago.

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