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How Kagame Chose His Country Home to Be In Bugesera

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:40 pm

For the first time, the RPF flag bearer, incumbent Paul Kagame has shared to the public the reason why he chose to build his country home in Bugesera district, Eastern Province of Rwanda.

During his presidential campaign in Bugesera, Kagame responded to the request of an artiste Jeanne d’Arc Butera known to a stage name of Butera Knowless who had pleaded him to invite his neighbors for a get together at his country home.

“I definitely have that plan to have you home, but first of all, let me explain to you how I chose to build a home in Bugesera,” Kagame said as he started his speech in front of cheerful supporters in Kindama, Ruhuha Sector.

“In former regimes, Bugesera was cursed. Some people would be sent here to mean that they are condemned to death, including by Tse Tse flies.”

From this perspective, Kagame said:” I decided to build a home here, to defy that narrative, as a symbol that every Rwandan has right to live, no place where people are cursed.”

History has it, that during the regime of President Glegoire Kayibanda, and his successor Juvenal Habyarimana, the Tutsi from across the country were transported to Bugesera because it was a hostile place.

The plan, history said, was to massacre them, to the extent that, whoever would survive, could be stung by the deadly Tse Tse flies.

Indeed, in 1992, the Genocide was tried in Bugesera, where several Tutsi were killed and their houses torched. In 1994, the Genocide saw thousands of the Tutsi massacred in the worst genocide tragedy of 20th century.

Early this year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),UNESCO registered  Nyamata Genocide memorial in Bugesera among the four world heritage properties of Rwanda. The three others which are also genocide memorials are Kigali, Bisesero and Murambi.

With important infrastructure today, Bugesera has become a place to be. The next international airport is under construction in Rilima sector of Bugesera.

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