EQTY 440.00 -5 CTL 65.00 0.00 KCB 370.00 0.00 USL 104.00 0.00 NMG 1,200.00 0.00 BLR 139.00 0.00 BK 265.00 0.00 IMR 90.00 0.00 RHB 526.00 0.00 CMR 120.00 0.00


Relief: World Bank Project Connects Ngoma to Huye Downtown Via Rwabayanga  

The Rwabayanga gulley in Huye city Huye city, an academic hub of Rwanda and one of six secondary cities is ...
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Min Gatete Explains How Mininfra is Fixing Water, Road Loopholes

Contractors failed to get suitable stones that can be crushed and shaped by machines The minister of infrastructure on Tuesday ...
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Building a Dream Home: Could You Do It Without a Mortgage Loan?  

residential building in Kigali Ten years ago, the world almost turned dark. It was hit by a financial crisis – ...
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Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Shinny District Offices

Kayonza district office building In the wake of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, rebuilding was a priority such ...
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Here Are the Roads Leading Rwanda Straight to ‘Vision’ 2020

It is just ten months to the year when Rwanda swore, it would have become a middle income economy. Looking ...
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