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German Engineers Volunteer to Boost Skills in Rwanda’s ICT Sector

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:44 pm
A group of professionals at HeHelabs

A group of professionals at HeHelabs

A leading German business-management software making company SAP, has sent its experts to Rwanda where they are volunteering in local companies.

So far since July 12, twelve IT engineers have been deployed in Rwanda IT companies and departments that use software to solve a number of problems.

“We are supporting the accelerated growth of social enterprises that approach the world’s most pressing societal challenges with innovative business models,” says Rainer Stern, Global Vice President.

One of the beneficiaries include HeHe Limited, a leading mobile technologies company based in Kigali, among Africa’s most promising young entrepreneurs under 30.

The German experts have been posted to Rwanda ICT chamber a non-profit organization established to fast track the growth of the ICT sector in Rwanda.

Another team of experts have been assigned to Partners in Health a non-profit organization whose mission is to support Rwanda in designing, building and implementing a world class health system.

AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA, a youth association for human rights promotion and development also got a support team.

The volunteering team will finish their assignment on August 4.

SAP’s ambitious goals for 2016 are to have an Impact on more than 1.5 million lives through their global Corporate Social responsibility programs and to foster 250,000 volunteering hours, with 40% based on skills and professional expertise.

Assignment locations for this social sabbatical cycle include South Africa, India, China, Brazil, East Africa, South East Asia, Botswana, Colombia and Argentina.