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Thugs Causing Mayhem On Rwanda-Burundi border Neutralised

by KT Press Staff Writer
7:03 pm
Bushenge hospital where Kwizera Jean is admitted with severe injuries

Bushenge hospital where Kwizera Jean is admitted with severe injuries

Local officials in south western Rwanda say they have neutralised armed thugs that crossed the border from Burundi and shot a Rwandan who was protecting his farm produce in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

According to locals of Buhanga village in Bugarama sector of Rusizi district, two armed men wearing military camouflage and speaking Kirundi were sighted in the area on Saturday night. Buhanga village is six kilometers away from Cibitoke province – across in Burundi.

The thugs have been usually crossing Ruhwa river to steal from both sides of the border. Communities on either side of border have suffered from the mayhem caused by the thieves. On Saturday night at about 1:10AM, the two armed thugs crossed the river and trekked deep into Rwandan villages.

A young Rwandan man Kwizera Jean 20, who was guarding his cassava produce noticed the two armed men and confronted them. He wrestled one of them to the ground but was shot – an attack that left him with severe injuries on his legs.

Between July and August, it’s a cassava harvest season in Bugarama. Residents peel their cassava then park it in bags and soak it in flowing river Ruhwa allowing fermentation. This requires every farmer or family to guard the fermenting cassava.

When Kwizera was attacked, he sounded an alarm – alerting residents that were also guarding their cassava. Coupled with local officials, they immediately came to his rescue.

Kwizera is currently admitted at Bushenge hospital with a shattered knee.

Rukazambuga Gilbert, the Bugarama sector Executive Secretary told Kigali Today that the thieves have been neutralised.

“Water levels on river Ruhwa have significantly dropped due to the dry season. It’s now easy for anyone to cross from either side of Burundi-Rwanda border,” Rukazambuga said.