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Rwandans Could Enjoy Free Access to Library Online

by Dan Ngabonziza
4:56 pm
Member of Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) vowed to invest in technology projects in Rwanda

Members of Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) vowed to invest in technology projects in Rwanda

For Rwandans who have been finding it hard travelling to Kigali Public Library to read a book, have a new but easier alternative.

A member of Young Presidents’ Organisation(YPO) – a network of global business leaders, today announced it will build a digital library that enables access to books online cost free.

Francis Gatare, the CEO of Rwanda Development Board told KT Press that the investor will soon execute this project.  He arrived in the country accompanied by 17 others to explore business opportunities.

“Most of YPO members have vowed to invest in technology projects in the country. one wants to build an online library that can be accessed by all Rwandans free of charge,”he said.

Gatare said that this will also be an opportunity for schools to access the library. Rwanda has one public library-the Kigali Public Library.

In September this year, the library launched its digital platform, with a purpose of attracting students, readers, academia and other library users to access digital books and other material without having to physically visit the facility.

The new platform includes; digital books, audio books, academic textbooks; biographies, business and economics, best seller novels, science fictions, motivational, and other categories.

Accessed via www.kplonline.org, the library, which was fully financed by the government of Rwanda through education Ministry, avails more than 800 digital books that support learning institutions and students to access quality and relevant content.

Without revealing the new investor, Gatare said his new library will enable Rwandans to access every book by every author around the globe.

The 17 YPO members met President Paul Kagame at his office today, and discussed several new projects and others which are underway in the country.

President Kagame told his visitors that Rwanda has chosen a crucial path- to move forward and leave behind the worst past the country experienced.

“Rwanda is no longer surviving. We have survived. We are moving forward and making things work for our people,” the President said.

For Rwandans to survive, President Kagame added, all Rwandans decided to listen to each other.  “First thing everyone must do, weak or powerful, is to listen.”

The 17 members of YPO in the country came from United Arab Emirates (UAE), USA, Hong Kong, Israel, Scotland Australia and Rwanda.

They are part of a global network of business leaders with more than 24, 000 members in more than 130 countries.

Their current trip to Rwanda was themed: “The journey for change” and is organized by YPO’s thriving communities’ network which has more than 4000 members.

The main objective is for members to experience Rwanda’s culture and learning business practices in the country as well as establishing connections with local business leaders and policy makers.

This event is co-organised with Rwanda Action forum, established in 2008 to coordinate all YPO activities in countries around the world.

Rwanda chapter has five members; Claire Akamanzi, Jack Kayonga, Emery Rubagenga, Patrick Sebatiga and Eugene Haguma.

President Kagame has participated in several YPO events. In 2011, he attended the YPO’s global leadership event in Denver, Colorado.

He also attended a breakfast hosted by the Washington DC Chapter in 2014. Earlier in 2012, President Kagame was guest of honour at an event organized by YPO in Hong Kong, among other events.

Meanwhile, Gatare told KT Press that the new online library projects is an addition to many other investments championed by YPO in the country including in sectors of; energy, infrastructure, and ICT.