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President Kagame Hosts Children at Christmas Party

by Kalinda Brenda
10:06 pm
President Paul Kagame and First Lady host over 200 children to celebrate Xmas and End of Year

President Paul Kagame and First Lady host over 200 children to celebrate Xmas and End of Year

It was a joyful Sunday as children from 30 districts across the country were treated to a mega party – The children, First Lady Jeannette Kagame and President Paul Kagame cut a cake to celebrate Christmas and end of year.

Over 200 children aged between 7-12 representing others in district committees were hosted at the richly decorated gardens of Village Urugwiro.

They performed among others, the cow lyrics in a very attractive simulation of traditional Rwanda. They also played football, sang and danced.

“A day like this is an opportunity for us to share with you. I was captivated by your talents which are becoming rare even among adults,” Kagame said.

“I encourage all of you, boys and girls to keep it up bearing in mind that the country needs your contribution for better future. May you stay healthy to achieve what the country expects from you.”

The children were accompanied by their parents and several officials including members of Unity Club, an organization of spouses of country leaders that had fun with children.

President Kagame told the Children that his family values this annual event where they meet children to celebrate success.

According to the president, parents its upon them to ensure favorable education environment, which would produce children the country would really count on.

“It is important for our country to ensure that the more we develop, the more we provide excellent education to our children, taking our culture into consideration.”

Ownership of the Rwandan cultural values, he said, will honour Rwandans themselves much as the culture will appeal to other communities and the country will benefit.

“We are very proud to have a country where laws, security and all policies are first and foremost child friendly,” Uwase Hirwa Honoré, from national committee of children said.

Uwase told the First Lady Jeannette Kagame; “We as children are thankful that you never cease to think about us and to provide the best education through Imbuto Foundation.”