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Price of Water, Electricity Reviewed Downward

by KT Press Staff Writer
8:31 pm

The price was reviewed down to Rwf 25 from Rwf 50 for consumers using diesel pumped water

The year 2017 brings good news to electricity and water consumers as regulators review downward tariffs of the two essential amenities.

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has approved new electricity and rural water tariffs that are friendly to both the individual consumers and industries, effective January 1, 2017.

“For electricity, special consideration has been made for low income earners and the industrial sector,” reads part of the communiqué adding that unit price decreases when you consume less and vice versa.

Are considered low income households, those consuming between 0 and 15 kWh and they will be charged Rwf 83/kWh, representing a decrease of 51%.

There is also a significant tariff reduction for industrial customers, with large industries paying an energy charge of Frw 83/kWh, medium industries paying Frw 90/kWh.

Small industries will pay a flat fee of Rwf 126/kWh.

This represents a decrease of 28-34 per cent depending on industry category (large, medium or small).

The tariff will also consider some incentives for industrial customers to operate during off-peak hours (11:00PM – 08:00AM).

“Every year, we do tariff review but we don’t consider all sectors we regulate every year. This year we reviewed water and electricity, next year we shall consider other sectors,” Anthony Kulamba, RURA spokesperson has told KT Press.

“The decrease is in line with government policy to make accessible essential amenities to all.”

As far as water is concerned, the price increases with the mean-the channel by which the clean water reaches the clients-the type of water system, replacing the old system where prices were calculated by volume of water consumed; big consumers had to pay much per unit.

The new maximum tariffs per jerrican will be Rwf 8 from Rwf 10 for water systems using gravity, representing 20 per cent decrease.

Consumers who get electricity pumped water will pay Rwf 20 per jerrican, compared to the current Rwf 30, which is 33 per cent decrease.

For water systems using turbo pumped water, the price was reviewed down to Rwf 19, compared to Rwf 24 currently, which is a-21 per cent decrease.

Residents in areas where water is channelled through complex system, the price per jerrican was declined to Rwf 16 from Rwf 20, representing 20 per cent decrease.

For the time being, the wise should chose to dwell in neighbourhoods with diesel pumped water where the price was halved, from Rwf 50 to Rwf 25, which is 50 per cent decrease.