Many Turn Up For Umuganda Ahead of 23rd Commemoration of Genocide

Residents of Kinazi sector and AERG-GAERG join to clean-up at Kinazi genocide memorial

Rwandans across the country today carried various tools to clear shrubs, dig trenches, build houses for the needy and other activities known as Umuganda.

Umuganda– community service is usually conducted every last Saturday of the month between 7AM and 12PM.

Meanwhile, members of the genocide survivors students association AERG-GAERG joined residents of Kinazi sector in Ruhango district for community service.

AERG-GAERG members also cleaned-up the interior and surrounding of Kinazi genocide memorial.

On April 7, Rwandans both in the country and abroad will mark the 23rd Commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

This year’s Commemoration will be held under the theme; “Remember the Genocide against the Tutsi – Fight Genocide Ideology – Build on Our Progress”.

Kayonza District: Residents dig drainage trenches to keep feeder road in good condition
Alvera Mukabaramba (c) Minister of State for Community Development and Social Affairs joins residents of Kinazi in community work
Kamonyi District: Residents cleared shrubs and worked on gardens at Kamonyi genocide memorial
Kayonza District: Justice Minister Johnston Busingye (long sleeves) joins residents for Umuganda
Alvera Mukabaramba-Minister of State for Community Development and Social Affairs addressing residents of Kinazi Sector after Umuganda
AERG-GAERG Members gave a cow to a woman (in photo below) in appreciation for her bravery. She hid and breastfed a baby during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi
This Woman saved a baby during the genocide by hiding and breastfeeding the baby. AERG-GAERG has given her a cow in appreciation for her bravery

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