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RDB Introduces ‘Investor Open Day’

by Denyse Tuyishime
2:47 pm

Claire Akamanzi CEO, Rwanda Development Board. Investors will not seek scheduled appointments to meet RDB officials but Investor Open Day will handle all their requests

Every Friday, Rwanda Development Board will always meet investors seeking various information on Doing Business in the country. No more scheduled rendezvous.

“When investors give a vote of confidence to Rwanda by investing here, in return we would like to enrich their experience and offer support in driving their ideas forward to ensure mutual benefit.” Maurice Twahirwa, the communications Director to RDB told KTPress.

Rwanda Development Board has set Friday 7th July as ‘Investor Open Day’ exclusively dedicated to matters for Doing Business. Investor Open Days aim at making Rwanda a greater business friendly country.

“Open day is exclusively dedicated to investors. Our Advisors and even the CEO will be present; there will be no need to seek for a rendez- vous to meet them,” Said Twahirwa.

The open day is coordinated under the ‘Aftercare’ Investment service- it provides basic information to investors about doing business in Rwanda including; potential areas of investment, available opportunities, research, taxes and incentives among others.

The service also provides a follow-up from registration to the implementation phase of a business project.

According to RDB, this service has been facing challenges as numbers of investors grow thus increasing appointments. One needs to schedule an appointment to meet RDB officials.

However, during the Investor Open Day taking place every Friday from 9-12:30 pm, one will not need to schedule an appointment which can takes time according to RDB.