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Aim for the’High Table’ -Kagame Challenges Youth

by Kalinda Brenda
4:36 pm

Rwandan youth have a very challenging assignment – to aim for the ‘high table’.

Over 3000 youths drawn from Diaspora and in the country, are gathered at Petit Stade for the annual Youth Connekt convention.

President Paul Kagame speaking to the Youth at Petit Stade during the annual Youth Connekt Convention

President Paul Kagame held a candid conversation with the Youth. He asked them to uphold their identity, learn to stick to values and also grab available opportunities.

“As youth, you must be willing to constantly learn. You must have the humility to accept criticism as a means to become better. You should never stop learning. Learning is continuous and has no end,” he said.

“The right values must remain at the centre of all that you do. Processes can change but our values remain the same,” he emphasized.

Kagame pointed out that the principal purpose of the youth connekt is to impart the message of connecting as a contribution of each and every one to make the country and Africa a better place.

“Connect means to put our efforts together to solve the problems we share. When we connect it becomes easy to solve after all connecting allows us to learn from each other,” The President said.

Kagame also said that Rwanda is not an island.

“Connecting with other African countries is the key to addressing the challenges facing the youth,” he noted.

On the purpose of responsibility, Kagame told the youth that it all starts from within. For one to become a future leader, they need to be fearless, learn and allow criticism.

“It is a question of mindset, you must believe in your ability to help yourself. With the right mindset, you can recognize your need for help but set a timeline to build yourself up and help yourself,” he said.

The president advised the youth to build their capacities aiming to be the best they can be so that they can have seats on ‘high table’ which he referred to ‘Table d’ honneur’

“You cannot be at a standstill, waiting to be helped to move forward. Any assistance must add to our own efforts. It must lead to ending dependency and achieving self-reliance,” Kagame advised the youth.

President Kagame asked the youth to cultivate confidence and self-belief if they are to attain the highest level of their aspirations.

“You should never think that you are not good enough to be at the high table. We are all created equal. It is up to us to know what we want and work to achieve it,” he said.

Kagame pointed out that youth should not brag about being young or misuse the opportunities available to them.

“Being young is not enough but it is a great opportunity. Being young does not mean anything until you invest in yourself with what will be useful to you, your family and your country,” he said.

“Do not take anything for granted. When an opportunity is lost, it can never be regained. There is no room for us to waste the many opportunities we have if we ever want to be at the high table,” he added.

This year’s Youth Connekt Convention is themed; “Youth at the center of Transformation”.

The participants will also have the opportunity to contribute during   scheduled to start tomorrow December 18th– 19th.

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