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Rwandair to Start Flights to Abuja on Bonané

by Jean dAmour Ahishakiye
4:20 pm

Effective January, RwandAir will begin flying to Abuja, Nigeria

RwandAir will effective January start flying to Abuja in Nigeria, an announcement from the Ministry of Infrastructure reads.

“The Government of Nigeria has approved flights to Abuja starting on January 1st, 2018 along the authorisation to exercise the 5th freedom traffic between Abuja and Yaoundé.”

This 5th freedom traffic gives RwandAir the ability to carry revenue traffic between Nigeria and Cameroon as a part of services that used to be of Nigeria’s airline flights. RwandAir will be picking up and dropping off passengers along the Abuja – Yaoundé route.

According to RwandAir officials, Abuja is already a vibrant trade hub in West Africa. This will increase RwandAir destinations to 23 globally including 20 in Africa.

RwandAir route to Abuja will be the second in Nigeria adding to Lagos that was opened in 2012 and to established routes including Douala in Cameroun, Accra in Ghana, Libreville in Gabon and Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

The International Air Traffic Transport Association (IATTA) has projected Rwanda among the top 10 fastest growing world markets for air travel over the next 20 years to be in Africa.

The top 10 fastest growing markets are Benin, Central African Republic, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Togo, Uganda and Zambia.

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